Definitions for "Cold"
Not sensitive; not acute.
Record cold of -89.9°C at Vostok station, I personally enjoyed -78.6°C during the winter 2005 at Concordia and froze my nose while posing for the picture. Main myth of Antarctica, used by the locals to keep the tourists away (see wind).
An upper respiratory infection.
Lacking the sensation of warmth; suffering from the absence of heat; chilly; shivering; as, to be cold.
Wanting in ardor, intensity, warmth, zeal, or passion; spiritless; unconcerned; reserved.
The relative absence of heat or warmth.
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a player on a losing streak or a slot machine that does not pay out.
When the Luck has left you. A cold slot machine. Slang: "The dice have done gone cold on me"
a slot machine that one continually loses at or a user who continues to lose
Cold was an American five-piece post-grunge/alternative rock band, based in Jacksonville, Florida. With the release of their sophomore debut studio album Cold in 1998, the band quickly became known for its angsty lyrics and vocalist Scooter Ward's distinctive voice. On November 17, 2006, Ward announced on My Space that, after a period of uncertainty since that February, the group had decided to disband.
Cold, released on June 2, 1998, was the debut eponymous album of Jacksonville, Florida's Cold.
Cold is the second single of Static-X's second studio album, Machine. The song is one of Static-X's best known songs and has been used on Queen of the Damned soundtrack and was performed by Static-X on Family Values Tour 2001.
Consecutive, as in ICaught threeCold spades for the flush. Unlucky, as in I've beenCold all week.
Consecutive, as in I caught three cold spades for the flush. Unlucky, as in I've been cold all week.
Deprived of heat, or having a low temperature; not warm or hot; gelid; frigid.
sexually unresponsive; "was cold to his advances"; "a frigid woman"
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Affecting the sense of smell (as of hunting dogs) but feebly; having lost its odor; as, a cold scent.
Distant; -- said, in the game of hunting for some object, of a seeker remote from the thing concealed.
having lost freshness through passage of time; "a cold trail"; "dogs attempting to catch a cold scent"
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The same as "cool," only more so. Having somewhat excessive upper-range output and weak lower-range output.
COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) is a technique for the transfer of computer-generated output to optical disk so that it can be viewed or printed without use of the original program). A COLD system consists of software and hardware to store and index computer output on optical media. The emergence of COLD technology replaced the older COM technology as a means of text retrieval. It allowed corporate information to be distributed electronically and retrieved via key field indexes. faster more cost effectively. The deployment of corporate networks allowed the distribution of information across the enterprise. The arrival of Web-enabled COLD systems, increasingly referred to as ERM (Enterprise Management Systems), are now extending the distribution beyond the enterprise. (see COM and ERM).
Computer Output to Laser Disk. A computer programming process that outputs electronic records and printed reports to laser disk instead of a printer. Can be used to replace COM (Computer Output to Microfilm) or printed reports.
Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD)... view
Chronic obstructive lung disease. an older name for COPD.
Wanting in power to excite; dull; uninteresting.
no longer new; uninteresting; "cold (or stale) news"
COLD, first published in 1996, was the sixteenth and final novel by John Gardner featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond (including Gardner's novelizations of Licence to Kill and Golden Eye). Carrying the Glidrose Publications copyright, it was first published in the United Kingdom by Hodder & Stoughton and in the United States by Putnam.
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Unwelcome; disagreeable; unsatisfactory.
(slang) easily makable; laydown.
an easily resolved issue, but cancer is serious, and professional guidance is important
a serious condition for a turtle
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Initialize Forth. COLD will reset most of JForth to the same state it was in on startup or when FREEZE was last called. The parts of JForth affected include: All USER-variables below SPARE (those defined in the kernal) Vocabulary and dictionary structures. All MODULEs are DETACHed. Note that the arrangement of files, memory areas and libraries will not be affected. Users should be careful not to execute COLD if the system is currently executing definitions (via DEFERred words) which will be purged; the preferred method is to remove these vectors, replacing them with those which exist in the frozen image. Users can define an AUTO.INIT word to reset their own code when COLD is called. See AUTO.INIT . Related Words: ABORT COLDEXEC FREEZE
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Not pungent or acrid.
without compunction or human feeling; "in cold blood"; "cold-blooded killing"; "insensate destruction"
feeling or showing no enthusiasm; "a cold audience"; "a cold response to the new play"
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adj.: 1. When the politicians walk around with their hands in their own pockets. 2. When the local flashers are handing out written descriptions.
( adj). When a run of cards has been bad or will be bad.
A dream of contrary. The lower the temperature was in your dream the more comfortable and secure will be your estate in life.
STABILIZATION: A clarification technique in which a wine's temperature is lowered to 32 degrees; F, causing the tartrates and other insoluble solids to precipitate.
The word used to describe heat at lower levles of intensity.
so intense as to be almost uncontrollable; "cold fury gripped him"
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Flying slow or subsonic: "Snake one, bullseye 0-7-6, 23, cold"
a complex of symptoms reflecting the body's internal attempts at trying to maintain harmony or homeostasis by rectifying imbalances
marked by errorless familiarity; "had her lines cold before rehearsals started"
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Having a bluish effect. Cf. Warm, 8.
Front The boundary line between the advancing cold air at the rear of a depression and the warm sector. Line squalls may occur at the passage of this front, which was formerly called the squall line.
unconscious from a blow or shock or intoxication; "the boxer was out cold"; "pass out cold"
Usually used in reference to the camcorder’s accessory shoe, this descriptor refers to an object, or port, which doesn’t draw power from the camcorder.
In context; attack geometry will result in a pass or roll out behind the target; or, on a leg of the CAP pointed away from the anticipated threats. Air-to-surface, dry or no-ordnance attack.
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continued copse course crisp
Cold Freshwater Habitat. Includes uses of water that support cold water ecosystems including, but not limited to, preservation or enhancement of aquatic habitats, vegetation, fish or wildlife, including invertebrates.
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a mild but commonplace disease, contracted by adults about two to four times a year and by children about six to eight times a year
a friendly reminder that your body needs help to eliminate accumulated waste and toxins
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Said of a wine that is served so cold that its taste is muted.
a self-purifying process intelligently enacted by the body
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exceeding, well, etc
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an example of the latter
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A term meaning an AO or LZ with no signs of the enemy
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a warning sign to fix our immune system
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Does not respond to sexual stimulation
To become cold.