Definitions for "Storage"
The price changed for keeping goods in a store.
Any device that can store data; usually refers to disks, but includes CD-ROM and tape backup units.
the process by which people store in memory information they have acquired from the environment
Some older and less used materials are kept at storage facilities outside of the libraries, but can be retrieved on request via the Circulation Desk.
The retention of program instructions and data within the computer so that this information is available for processing purposes.
1. n. A functional unit into which data can be placed, in which they can be retained and from which they can be retrieved. 2. n. The action of placing data into a storage device. 3. n. A storage device.
A type of service offered by pipelines and other owners of storage facilities whereby the gas may be placed in the facility, usually during the summer, and kept until a later date when the owner of the gas may withdraw the stored gas, usually in winter.
One of the three components of traditional utility service that is now available (on a limited basis) to independent marketers. Gas is purchased in the summer and injected into huge salt caverns or depleted gas wells; in the winter, when extra gas is needed, the gas is pumped back into the pipeline.
A means of maintaining a reserve of natural gas supplies to meet seasonal gas demands. Storage plays a key role in managing pipeline resources efficiently and in matching gas supplies with demand levels. Long-term storage needs are met by injecting compressed gas into depleted oil and gas reservoirs. Pacific Gas and Electric Company has three such gas storage facilities -- Los Medanos near Concord, McDonald Island near Stockton, and Pleasant Creek near Sacramento.
the placement of items in a location other than the main place of business.
temporary holding of wastewater before treatment, as in tunnels, basins or pipes.
The actual or intended containment of wastes, either on a temporary basis or for a period of years.
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Space for the safe keeping of goods.
Extra space tucked anywhere that you can put the Christmas decorations, snow skis, or boxes of stuff that you just hang onto.
Depending on your shed/garage space you will need to be aware of the floor space the mower takes up. Walk behind, mulching mowers will take up the least; bagged, walk behinds the next; and riders the most. Reel mowers are light enough to be hung from a wall. Make sure you have ample storage space for your mower and that it is easy to get it in and out.
depositing in a warehouse
In Transit (S.I.T.) Temporary storage of your household goods in the warehouse of the carrier's agent, pending further transportation.
The keeping of goods in a warehouse.
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Oxidation of alpha acids removes their ability to be isomerized to the required bitter isomers. In comparable circumstances, some varieties lose a greater proportion of their alpha acids to oxidation than others do. Cold storage and anaerobic conditions can delay oxidation. Some oxidation of essential oil components is necessary to produce compounds thought to be important in beer flavors, so controlled aging is important for hops required for both bittering and aromatic properties.
a relatively new technique that is rapidly increasing in terms of importance
a very important feature at FTDNA
Where materials that don't fit in the library building are kept on campus. Indicated by "STORAGE" on SAGE, these materials may be requested. Storage items are delivered to Morgan Library twice a day Monday through Friday.
Purdue Libraries’ unit in the lower level of the Undergraduate Library where infrequently used library materials are kept. Materials in Storage may be charged.
see memory.
Preferred to memory, any device into which units of information can be copied, which will hold this information, and from which the information can be obtained at a later time; devices, such as plugboards, which hold information in the form of arrangements of physical elements, hardware, or equipment; the erasable storage in any given computer.
an electronic memory device; "a memory and the CPU form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached"
a depository for goods; "storehouses were built close to the docks"
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stress string syscolor system
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see Annex
a reserve of water.
the volume of water held in the interstices of a water-bearing unit (e.g., the spaces between soil particles)
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a fine idea for all of his "Clutter"
The optimum storage temperature for honey is below 52 °F (11 °C) or in the 70-80 °F range (21- 27 °C), in air-tight containers.
an abstraction of a data collection with opaque internal structures
The operation of saving data, programs, or output for future use.
Saving data, results, or programs for future use.
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Create an Alert
The process of combining one or more files into an archive without compressing it to make it smaller. This is usually done to simplify the process of moving multiple files to another location.
The marketing function of holding products before they are sold to consumers; adds to the cost of product distribution.
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Whether or not related to transportation.
To accumulate property for some specific objective.