Definitions for "DDU"
Delivered Duty Unpaid. Delivered Ex Quay (DEQ) Delivered Ex Ship (DES)
Context is: trade term. An international commercial term (Incoterm), meaning "delivered duty unpaid," that is used in international sales contracts to signify that the seller is responsible for all risks and costs incurred to have goods delivered to a named destination in the country of importation. This includes the obligation to contract and pay for freight and transportation costs, export licensing fees, and other taxes (unless specifically excluded in the contract). The buyer is responsible for obtaining import licensing, carrying out the customs formalities necessary for the importation of the goods, and paying any import duties on the goods. See also CFR; CIF; CIP; CPT; DAF; DDP; DEQ; DES; EXW; FAS; FCA; FOB; Incoterms.
A delivery unit is a post office, post office station, or post office branch that has mail delivery functions. The DDU rate is a rate available for Periodicals and Standard Mail that is properly prepared and entered by the mailer at the delivery unit that serves the delivery address on the mail.
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estination elivery nit [rate] - A discount/rate available to specific types of mail that is properly prepared and entered by the mailer at the BMC or other designated postal facility that serves the delivery address on the mail.
Abbreviation of Dumont d'Urville, the main french station. Named after the french admiral who reached Antarctica in 1840. Strangely, the admiral died in the first ever train crash shortly after his return.
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Dymaxion Deployment Unit
Disability Determination Unit. a division of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services that determines whether MDCP applicants (and applicants for many other programs) meet the required disability criteria.