Definitions for "Shipper's Export Declaration"
Form required for all U.S. exports with declared value for Customs greater than $2,500 and for household and personal goods regardless of value. Also required for shipments requiring a U.S. Department of Commerce validated export license or U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement export declaration. Prepared by a shipper indicating the value, weight destination and other basic information about the shipment. SED forms may be obtained from most U.S. Customs Offices.
Issued by: Exporter (or freight forwarder on exporter's behalf) Purpose: U.S. Forms 7525-V and 7525-V-Alternate (for intermodal shipments) required by federal law for any commodity with value over $2,500 or any shipment requiring validated export license. Enables Bureau of the Census to compile trade statistics. Shipper or its agent submits form to carrier, which then submits SEDs for all shipments on vessel voyage or aircraft flight to U.S. Customs.
A form required for most shipments. It is prepared by the shipper and indicates the value, weight, destination, and other basic information about the export shipment.