Definitions for "FCA"
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Context is: trade term. An international commercial term (Incoterm), meaning "free carrier," that is used in international sales contracts to signify that a seller must deliver goods sold, cleared for export, to a carrier or freight forwarder specified by the buyer. The seller has no obligation with respect to import licensing or insurance. See also CFR; CIF; CIP; CPT; DAF; DDP; DDU; DEQ; DES; EXW; FAS; FOB; Incoterms.
Free Carrier, term of delivery defined in INCOTERMS
Abbreviation for the Free Carrier
Freund's Complete Adjuvant. the adjuvant that produces very high antibody levels by stimulating a hypersensitive, painful inflammation at the injection site.
FREUND'S COMPLETE ADJUVANT. An emulsion of aqueous antigen in oil. Contains killed Mycobacterium tuberculosis while Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant does not.
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Flow Cost Accounting. Flow Cost Accounting (FCA) assumes that material flows are the drivers of contribution and allocates costs on the acquisition, transformation and disposition of raw material, finished goods, scrap, waste, etc.
Fixed Channel Allocation. After the bearer service establishment for a service, the resource is always fixed in terms of time slot based on RLC protocol, the orthogonal codes and spectrum range is fixed.
The Asian group formally known as the FCA is an organization associated with gang activities in some areas. This group probably started somewhere in a southern state, but also has ties up north. Some members have committed crimes such as graffiti, organized vandalism and robbery.
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Fish Consumption Advisory. An advisory issued by a government agency recommending that the public limit their consumption of fish. Advisories are issued to limit exposure to toxic substances in the fish that have the potential to impact human health. A fish consumption advisory is prepared annually by each state. Fish caught from selected lakes and streams are tested for toxic substances. Many of the lakes tested have restrictions on fish consumption due to high mercury levels. PCBs and dioxin levels in fish have also resulted in suggested restrictions on fish consumption in some lakes and streams.
Finnish Competition Authority
Food Coupon Authorization Card. The document issued by the local or state office to authorize the allotment the household is eligible to receive. See: Benefit Issuances
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Family Caregiver Alliance
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The (nuclear) Fuel Cycle Area at Dounreay
Facility Condition Assessment. Evaluation of existing conditions of a building as to their status and future maintenance requirements. FCAs typically include mechanical and electrical infrastructure, as well as equipment and communications. Architectural assessment may also be included depending on the nature of the facility. The FCA assigns a status code to the building which may be used to generate various analyses and comparisons for capital planning purposes. Read more about FCAs.
Final Comprehensive Assessment. An assessment given at the end of a semester that addresses aspects of all relevant course goals and represents 30% of the final grade
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Flux Control Attenuator
Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts
Formal Concept Analysis
factor correlation analysis
Functional Configuration Audit
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False Claims Act
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Fibre Channel Association.
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The Federal Court of Australia.
Financial control and administration
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Financial Corporations Act