Definitions for "Channel "
The hollow bed where a stream of water runs or may run.
The deeper part of a river, harbor, strait, etc., where the main current flows, or which affords the best and safest passage for vessels.
A strait, or narrow sea, between two portions of lands; as, the British Channel.
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a band of electromagnetic wave frequencies that is used for one-way or two-way radio communication; especially, the frequency bands assigned by the FTC for use in television broadcasting, and designated by a specific number; as, channel 2 in New York is owned by CBS.
one of the signals in an electronic device which receives or sends more than one signal simultaneously, as in stereophonic radios, records, or CD players, or in measuring equipment which gathers multiple measurements simultaneously.
a path for transmission of signals between devices within a computer or between a computer and an external device; as, a DMA channel.
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1. In most PCs, there are two IDE channels, and each channel can have one drive (hard drive, CD-ROM drive, etc.) acting as the master, and one drive acting as a slave, for a maximum of four drives per computer. 2. On the Internet, an irc (Internet Relay Chat) channel is a chat room which can be used by any number of users.
A particular game system which allows players or characters to communicate between themselves, Esp. ones that everyone in the game can 'hear' (the ooc channel, the newbie channel, etc.).
Think of a channel as a chat room for certain people, though that's not exactly what it is. A channel is something that you're added to, and only the people on the channel can see what's said there. You can create channels for your friends or you may be on one for your craft or area. That way you can say something OOCly and many people can hear you at once, rather than having to page. Channels are always OOC.*See OOC, Page
One input to an audio mixer. It can be one microphone or one side of a tape machine or one instrument. There is one volume control or fader for the channel. There may or may not be other adjustments for the channel. It is also the left or right signals in stereo. It can also be one audio signal in a group of audio signals.
When referring to audio, an independently created audio signal destined for a specific speaker. For example, stereo audio has a left and right channel.
The subcomponents of a clip. For images, an alpha channel can contain a matte or mask image to key certain regions of the image to be transparent. For audio, the separate left and right channels of a stereo clip.
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A part of an image in Adobe Photoshop. An RGB image has three channels, CMYK has four and line-art has one. The user can perform edits on individuals. Additional channels can be created to contain masks, type, patterns, or other images. These additional channels can be combined with the main image or used for special effects.
Stored information embedded in the image file about an image.
1. A physical audio input or output. 2. One of several color components that combine to define a color image. An RGB image is made up of red, green, and blue color channels. In color correction, you can redefine color channels by blending color components in different proportions.
A portion of a waterway deepened (naturally or artificially) to permit safe navigation of a vessel within certain limits.
A natural or artificial waterway that periodically or continuously contains moving water.
navigable route on a waterway, usually marked by buoys. Channels are similar to roads where the water is known to be deep enough for ships or boats to sail without running aground.
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A gutter; a groove, as in a fluted column.
To form a channel in; to cut or wear a channel or channels in; to groove.
To cut grooves or lines in or through the solids deposited on the medium or through the medium itself. Also may be described as a breakthrough in the medium which would result in a bypass.
A channel is formed between parallel support and resistance lines. This pattern...
When prices trend between two parallel lines, the basic trendline and the channel line (rising resistance line). As the market nears or tests the upper and lower extremes of the channel, prices are more likely to react in the opposite direction in correction of the previous wave up or down.
A pattern comprising two parallel lines that circumscribe a price trend. The parallel comprise a support (the lower line) and a resistance (the upper line). The channel gives rise to presumption that price will not pass the support or resistance. But ultimately, all channels break. Thus the predictive value of a channel is subject to rules of interpretation which give a probability of turn or breakout depending on the relative term of the channel and the geometric patterns, if any, that are contained within the channel.
Flat ledges of heavy plank bolted edgewise to the outside of a vessel, to increase the spread of the shrouds and carry them clear of the bulwarks.
Ledges built out from the sides of the hull to keep shrouds clear of the bulwark.
A thick, horizontal plank projecting from the side of a vessel and used to support the shrouds and keep them clear of the bulwarks.
A stretch of passable water through shallows, among obstructions or trees.
1. Design feature on underside of a surfboard. 2. A trench between sand banks or reefs. Often associated with a strong current.
A section of passable water through reefs, shoals, and other obstructions.
A push technology that allows users to subscribe to a website to browse offline, automatically display updated pages on their screen savers, and download or receive notifications when pages in the website are modified. Channels are available only in browsers that support channel definitions, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0.
channel is a Web site designed to deliver content from the Internet to you computer. You don't have to subscribe to view the content, but with channels the content provider can suggest a schedule for your subscription, or you can customize your own.
In the Publishing Framework, a method of delivering result set packages to a set of subscribers of that channel. See also Delivery Transport.
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MIDI controls 16 channels. This allows 16 distinct messages to be sent to 16 different channel IDs. Note that any equipment set with 'omni on' will simply ignore channel numbers and respond to all messages. Drum units default to Channel 10. (CH) on a Zendrum.
a logical channel to which control changes and patch changes apply, and in which MIDI (note-related) events occur.
A method, provided by Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), for sending messages to an individual device within a MIDI setup. There are 16 MIDI channel numbers. Devices in a MIDI setup can be directed to respond only to messages marked with a channel number specific to the device.
an opening in a cell membrane which serves to actively transport or allow passive transport of substances across the membrane; as, an ion channel in a nerve cell.
Opening or "pore" in a membrane through which ions or molecules can move
Membrane proteins that are involved in particular transport of ions or uncharged molecules down their electrochemical potential gradient.
Distribution - One type of retail format to distribute merchandise through, e.g. Supermarket, discount stores, department stores Construction - A construction which sews a full “channel” usually oval shaped, in the center of the cushion to give a more tailored look. Usually used on multi-position resin cushions and wrought iron cushions.
the means used by companies to make their products and services available to their target market... examples include direct channel (sold by the company's sales force), distributors, retail stores, manufacturers' reps and value added resellers.
An industry term for the high-tech distribution system. The term is used somewhat loosely and often refers to a channel segment, as in “the reseller channel.” The channel is sometimes also referred to by hardware and software vendors as “bloodsuckers,” “vampires,” “weasels,” and “those thieves.” The channel has its own special vocabulary for the vendors.
Channels contain the content of the services and information available to you in portals like the MyUVa portal. Each channel focuses on a particular kind of content.
Portion of space on a Web site allocated to advertisements. Similar to television channels, a Web site channel is a subset of programming available on a Web site. For example, a large portal might have a Shopping channel, a Sports channel, and a Community channel, and may select different promotions to offer in each. Active/inactive refer to whether or not they are live in GetRelevant’s network
A specialized Web application within a portal to which a user can subscribe. See also OCS channels.
A traditional Chinese medicine term for the 20 pathways throughout the body for the flow of qi, or vital energy, accessed through acupuncture points. Also Called Meridian.
Any pathway between two computers or between a terminal and a computer.
A pathway through a membrane for ions or molecules to pass through.
A large collection of Web sites bundled together to give you access to core constituencies across several different industries at one time with a single media buy.
The route of message delivery (e.g., mass media, community, interpersonal).
a means of communication with an individual or target audience; includes mass media, print media, interpersonal contacts, and indigenous media.
A means of unidirectional transmission of signals between two points.
A signal routing unit through which a sound that is input to the mixer section is adjusted by volume and pan (*see entry) and then output. The mixer section of the AW4416 provides a total of 44 channels, while the AW2816 provides 28 channels, including the recorder playback and the outputs of the two effects.
Each channel is a unique incremental output of the encoder.
Channel is a C++ template framework for distributed message passing and event dispatching. Its major components are highly configurable as template parameters. As a namespace shared by peer threads, channels support publish/subscribe scope control, message filtering, and translation.
Channel is a C++ framework for distributed message passing and event dispatching, configurable with its components as template parameters. As a namespace shared by peer threads, channel supports scope control and filtering
A BEEP term used to identify a subdivision of a connection between peers. A BEEP profile defines what types of messages can flow over a channel. Different profiles can apply to different channels between the same peers.
A conduit E-object that carries messages from one object to another E-object, and acts as a placeholder for any requested values that the recipient E-object may reveal to the sending object.
Typically a linear sag, stream course, or meltwater conduit with a V-shaped or U-shaped cross section. Channels in the glacial environment are commonly filled with sand and gravel deposited by meltwater.
(See Meridian) Also called meridian, a network of nonanatomical conduit vessels through which the Qi circulates. Each of the Organ Networks has a corresponding channel: Liver, Gallbladder, Heart, Small Intestine, Spleen, Stomach, Lung, Large Intestine, Kidney, Bladder, Pericardium, and Triple-Burner. In addition there is the Conception Vessel, which travels along the midline in the front of the body, and the Governor Vessel, which travels along the back of the middle of the head and down the spine. There are also "extra channels," which are made up of a combination of acupuncture points from different channels.
official routes of communication, especially the official means by which information should be transmitted in a bureaucracy; as, to submit a request through channels; you have to go through channels.
A single means of direct fixed-service communication between two points. abbreviation: CH Fr: canal
A segment of band width used for one complete communication link.
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The horizontal cable including the workstation outlet and patch panel in the telecommunication closet plus a maximum combined length of up to ten meters of patch cable at each end and (maximum length of 100 meters).
All elements of the communications link connecting a DTE (typically a PC or server) to a hub in the wiring closet. Includes fiber cabling, patch cords, connections, and splices if any. A channel is a model defined by TSB-67. It is similar to what a user works with to transmit information between a personal computer and its hub, or concentrator. A channel includes up to 90 meters of horizontal cable, a work area equipment cord, a telecommunications outlet/connector, an optional transition connection close to the work area, and two cross-connect connections in the telecommunications closet. According to the TSB-67, the total length of equipment cords, patch cords and jumpers shall not exceed 10 meters. It is important to note that the connections to the equipment at each end of the channel are not included in the channel definition.
The entire horizontal cabling system. Everything between the computer and the LAN hub in the telecom closet, excluding the equipment connections.
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An extruded length of material-plastic,aluminum,steel-in the shape of a squared off U ( a rectangular box with one side removed). Structural channel has rounded, or radiused, interior corners and more inherent strength than architectural channel, which has crisp, 90-degree interior corners.
Generally, any material milled or extruded in a continuous "U" shape.
A member formed, while in a semi-molten state at the steel mill, into a "C" shaped profile having standard dimensions and properties specified by a relevant standard specification.
A lighting/sound control circuit
the smallest subdivision of a circuit capable of carrying communication service.
In a surround sound system, the soundtrack of a film is divided to different speakers to deliver the sounds to approximate their source location in the film.
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Some DataBlocks can be linked to a series of other DataBlocks. For example, a Material has eight channels to link Textures to. Each IpoBlock has a fixed number of available channels. These have a name (LocX, SizeZ, enz.) which indicates how they can be applied. When you add an IpoCurve to a channel, animation starts up immediately.
A single range of the electromagnetic spectrum as detected by a sensor. The name Channel refers to the transmission to earth of the data sampled from that band. See also Band.
One portion of the available radio spectrum that all devices on a wireless network use to communicate. Changing the channel on the access point/router can help reduce interference. close
Area in LEVEL-0 format reserved for data from one band
Areas of a website divided into related and unique content areas. For example, SON's channels are, and See also ROS and RON.
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The 10-inch out of bounds area to the right and left of the lane that guides the ball to the pit once it leaves the playing area.
The lowered gullies on either side of the lane which force the ball into the pit not allowing them contact with the pins.
1. An imaginary lane about 10 yards wide running the length of the field and located about ten yards in from the touch line; often exploited for diagonal runs by wing- and center-forwards, who look for a through ball to be played along it. 2. To 'channel' an opponent is to steer him or her into a more predictable, easily defended direction.
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This mould can be used as a bottom shoe rail that will sit on top of nosing, cap, knee wall or butriss stringer. Balusters can attached without channel using dowel or dowel scews.
IVEK offers both single and multiple channel configurations. A channel refers to a single Motor/Base or Actuator Module driven by a Controller Module. Single Channel systems are often bench-top units. Multiple Channel systems are often integrated into a production application to fill many vessels at once.
Hubbard wrote a Guardian Order called "Channels" in which he outlined a technique which involved multiple, simultaneous attacks (vectors) on a person in order to destroy them. A "channel" was one of the vectors used.
Not to be confused with a body of water or NBC, channels are schizophrenics who know how to turn their multiple personalities into assets. Also: to channel (v) and channeled (adj)
The TA200 and TA288 two-way radios feature 8 channels, so people in your group can carry on multiple conversations on different channels without talking over each other.
The mud has different channels which allow a direct communication among players.{help toggle}{help gossip} There are different kinds of channels for different purposes like : Auction channel for selling things among players. Newbie channel for beginner's questions. Race channels to talk with your kinds. (just your race understands what is talked on this channel) Private channel (tell) to talk directly to a player. Clan channel to talk with clanfellows. Gossip channel to talk with ALL in the mud. (be careful if you use this channel, cause ppl. become annoyed fast if you talk stupid things!)
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See gutter.
There are 2 channels on each side of the lane. Once a ball falls into the channel or gutter before hitting pins, the bowler shall receive a zero.
The formal name for a gutter.
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A channel refers to one of the 12 electrode pairs that are arranged along the array. The channels are numbered consecutively, with channel 1 being the lowest in pitch, and channel 12 being the highest in pitch. Not all children use all available channels, however. Channels can be deactivated for various reasons without any negative overall effect.
(1)The area between two arrays of basic cells in a channeled gate array. (2)The gap between the source and drain regions in a MOS transistor.
a single EEG channel is a waveform recording taken either bipolar or monopolar. For one channel of recording, you need an active electrode, a reference electrode, and a ground. For two channels of recording, you need two active electrodes, two references (you can use the same reference for both channels), and a ground.
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(Tib rtsa, Skt nadi) subtle veing in which the subtle energy circulates. The left and right principal channels run from the nostrils to just below the navel, where they join the central channel.
Wielding of the One Power. Saidar is submitted to, saidin has to be fought.
One of the units of a printhead comprised of a piezoelectric transducer, restrictor, associated chamber, and orifice plate.
A structural member comprising two flanges separated by a web attached to one edge of each flange.
An open conveyance of surface stormwater having a bottom and sides in a linear configuration. Channels can be natural or man-made. Channels have levees or dikes along their sides to build up their depth. Constructed channels can be plain earth, landscaped, or lined with concrete, stone, or any other hard surface to resist erosion and scour.
A cut along the line where rock is to be split.
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A depressed configuration in the top of the cap added for strength, stacking purposes, retainer for Plastisol, etc. The sides are sloping or of a radius construction, and the depressed section is flat. CHILD-RESISTANT CLOSURES (CRC) - There are several types that have been developed for products that constitute a hazard to small children. Basic principles of CRC's are (1) press-turn; (2) squeeze-turn; (3) combination-lock and hidden tab. CHUCKS - Component of a capping machine that holds the closure for application to the container.
Channel(s): a means for organisations to deliver services to customers including businesses, organisations and citizens and may be delivered either directly by public sector organisations, or indirectly by intermediaries. Channels can be electronic, voice, face-to-face or post.[ Cabinet Office, Office of the e-Envoy . 2002. Channels framework: Delivering government services in the new economy
In an ISDN context, this is the line that you send data or voice down. Dual ISDN lines use two channels, which can be used for any combination of voice, fax, ISDN internet access etc.
The center speaker in a home theatre setup. Ideally placed within one or two feet above or below the horizontal plane of the left and right speakers and above or below the display device, unless placed behind a perforated screen. Placement is important, as voices and many effects in a multichannel mix come from this speaker.
Engineering ( Viewpoint ) representation of Bindings . source: ODP - PIR2.3 domain: TMN usage: EU-P103
passageway, especially for gas or liquid; three-sided U-shaped element, usually metal.
A three-sided, U-shaped opening in sash or frame to receive light or panel, as with sash or frame units in which the light or panel is retained by a removable stop. Contrasted to a rabbet, which is a two-sided L-shaped opening, as with face glazed window sash.
A tubular-shaped pore.
That through which anything passes; a means of passing, conveying, or transmitting; as, the news was conveyed to us by different channels.
A well defined, measurable area, either natural or man made which collects and conveys water.
to receive and convey information (or energy) that is said to come from neither one's own self nor from other embodied minds, nor from physical reality (as defined by current physics and psychophysiology).
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A L2CAP connection between two devices
A Channel is the physical connection from the CPU to an I/O device, usually a controller, or indeed another CPU.
A DMA channel in an SOC. An intelligent burst device which transfers data between shared memory and another SOC device. Note: A channel can include intelligent devices which access memory without effecting data transfer, and may include devices which transfer data from one portion of shared memory to another.
In dimming controls, a group of fixtures that are operated together, generally of the same type or for the same function.
See Controller channel.
A connection or socket on the motherboard or controller card. A motherboard may have one or two channels (primary and secondary). If your motherboard has only one channel, you may need to add a controller card to create a secondary channel.
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Refers to the metal pieces that are soldered together to frame the glass in a "leaded" lite unit. Standard designs have brass channels. Facesize: Brass, Copper, & Zinc = 1/2" (13mm), Lead = N/A (Zinc channels are used with lead & zinc caming).
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A channel in VEMCO receivers is a group of configuration settings used to listen to VEMCO tags. For example, a channel can be configured to listen for continuous pingers that operate at 60 kHz. Another channel can be configured to listen for coded tags operating at 69 kHz.
A patterned shiplapped siding that may be applied vertically or diagonally available in 6", 8" or 10" tight knot. Clear Western Red Cedar
means of distributing serial numbers. nTitles supports external, direct and eStore channels. See External channel, Direct channel, and eStore channel.
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What notes are put on in a tracker. In earlier trackers, one channel could only have one note at a time (one note would cut the other off). By using NNAs, one note on a channel can ring out past another note on the same channel.
The area of the playing surface that is used to separate notes.
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Iron rolled into the shape shown in section on Plate II., Fig. 1.
L shaped hot rolled or cold rolled section (Hot Rolled. channels see BS4:Part 1.)
An open-ended "C" shape with no return lips, which may be either cold-formed or hot-rolled.
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Three types of funding channel – grant, grant-in-aid or procurement – that are available to public bodies in funding TSOs. See Annex D.
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A channel is a group of software packages grouped in some logical manner. Some examples are "Ximian Desktop," "Red Hat 8.0 System Packages," and "Internal Development Tools."
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A collection of resources (URLs) for a WTA.
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Represented by an icon in the My Channels tab, it is a quick link to a service (news, sports, etc.). Channels also update headlines from their associated services on a regular basis when connected to the Internet.
The area of the accessory trim or corner post where siding or soffit panels are inserted. Channels also refer to the trim itself, and are named for the letters of the alphabet they resemble (e.g., J-channel, F-channel, etc.).
The term usually used to describe the number of different functions possible for manipulating the buttons on a remote control transmitter.
The words zone and channel are used to describe the area being protected by one of the transmitters in the security system's memory.
a way by which a customer can access Centrelink services, for example, calling a Call Centre or visiting a Customer Service Centre.
A view of objects in a scene, based on the location and orientation of the camera in the scene viewing frustum.
The connective mechanism between the centers, rooted in the Tree of Life tradition of the Kabbala. There are 36 channels.
The facility by which data are transmitted between locations in a computer network (e.g., terminal to host, host to printer).
Channels are defined in the DIRECTV system to transmit a specific sequence of programming. Once defined, the Master Program Guide lists programs by channel, allowing a customer to select a particular show.
a method of delivery of services, for example, over-the-counter, telephone, mail, home/office-based service delivery and the Internet.
Means of gaining access to government services (eg. counter, postal, telephone, Internet).
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One of an MCA's memory locations for storage of a specific level of energy or division of time.
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The material that connects the source and drain terminals of a FET.
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This is used as a term for the source-group pair (S,G) in SSM; see SSM.
A set of properties that directs BizTalk Server through the appropriate steps to process documents. Channel properties include a source organization or application, a document definition, a map file, and field and document tracking settings.
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With the screw in the barrel, the space between the flights bounded by the root of the screw and the bore of the barrel.
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U shaped metal or plastic sometimes lined with felt or other material (used to reduce wind noise) which provides a track for movable glass parts on vehicles.
An online "section" of a website, similar to a newspaper section, containing information pertaining to a certain subject, such as "News", "Business", or "Fun."
A selection of fixtures that are jointly operated when using dimmers. Typically they would be of similar function or type. This can also be known as a zone.
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Outlets that are similar in size, that buy, merchandise and sell soft drinks in similar ways.
A medium used to pass data units that can be used simultaneously in the same volume of space by other channels of the same physical layer, with an acceptably low frame error ratio due to the absence of mutual interference.
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Web site described by a file.
Used to track advertising results from different portions of a site (or sites).
A Channel is a means of grouping pages and users so that you can more easily manage the publication of your web site and, should you wish to, control access to various parts of your web site.
The system of intermediaries that moves products from producers of goods and consumers of goods.
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vein used for injecting drugs.
Keywords:  bridge, old, term
an old term for the bridge.
a broad straight, especially one that connects two seas. for example: the English Channel
Sites on the internet that carry news and information. (Also networking terminology).
a natural or artificial course for running water.
A narrow body of water between two portions of lands.
The distribution or marketing segmentation of products, customers and geographic areas into common groups that are supplied, serviced and measured in similar ways.
A collection of stimulation information. The information needed to stimulate Nucleus 22 and Nucleus 24 systems.
Previously known as a folder; the channel contains the postings (pages).
One of the five senses. (See “Representational Systems.”)
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refers to either cold drink or take-home
A standard form of structural rolled steel, consisting of three sides at right angles in channel form.
a surface sample which has been collected by continuous sampling across a measured
The technical range between support and resistance levels that a stock price has traded in for a specific period of time
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a point-to-point link, the main task being transporting data from one point to another
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See definition of zone.
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To course through or over, as in a channel.
Keywords:  camera, another, term
Another term for a camera, as in, "What channel is he on?"
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See "Supply Channel"
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Having a person in place of one of your senses
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see Marketing Channels.