Definitions for "Converter"
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a powerful audio conve
a Powerful audio convert er tool
a powerful audio convert to ol
Indian lingo for a device which when attached to a television increases its channel tuning capability. (See S-band tuner and box)
A device that translates cable signals into television signals and allows the viewer to select individual channels.
A device that converts digital signals into analog signals that older televisions can understand and display ("converter" could refer to a lot of different conversions, but you got a DTV glossary).
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A company that fabricates one form of material into a more advanced form, i.e. a clothing manufacturer converts fabric into clothing or an envelope manufacturer converting paper into envelopes.
Company that converts paper from its original form to usable products including envelopes, boxed writing papers, bags, adding machine rolls, coated papers and gummed tapes.
An industrial process in which a processed material is made into a specific product. An example would be the manufacture of envelopes from the required grade of paper.
A retort, used in the Bessemer process, in which molten cast iron is decarburized and converted into steel by a blast of air forced through the liquid metal.
a furnace in which the pyrochlore concentrate is converted into ferroniobium and heat is produced by the oxidation reaction.
A furnace in which a gas, usually air, is blown through the molten bath or crude metal for the purpose of oxidizing impurities.
In audio, this refers to A/D (analogue to digital) or D/A (digital to analog) Converter 'chips' or gear.
a handy unit conversion utility Pocket Diet Tracker is designed to help you keep track of your daily food intake and exercises
a handy utility that can handle unit conversions in number of categories Just enter the value select catego
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An intermediate that usually buys raw fiber, processes it to a carpet manufacturer's specification, then sells the finished product to the carpet manufacturer. Cotton count The yarn numbering system based on length and weight originally used for cotton yarns and now employed for most staple yarns. It is based on a unit length of 840 yards, and the count of the yarn is equal to the number of 840-yard skeins required to weigh one pound. Under this system, the higher the number, the finer the yarn. A typical carpet yarn might be a three cotton count two plied, written as 3.0/2c.c.
A module used by the printing system to convert a document description from one document format to another.
A program that changes data from one format to another. In this book, a converter is usually a program that changes documents from a word-processing format (such as WordPerfect) into HTML. These converters are frequently built into or added to existing word-processing programs. See Part I.
A supplementary lens that can double the length of a telephoto lens (e.g.:2x converter). Usually fitted between lens and camera body.
Optical system which increases the focal length. This leads to a loss of light.
Lens extension that increases or shortens the focal distance. (Macro-converter, tele-converter, wide-angle converter)
An electrical apparatus that changes the quantity or quality of electrical energy.
contains piezoelectric crystals that convert the high frequency electrical signal to mechanical vibration
Any technology that changes the potential energy in fuel into a different form of energy such as heat or motion. The term also is used to mean an apparatus that changes the quantity or quality of electric energy.
a business that purchases unfinished textiles and changes them by dyeing, printing, or finishing
An individual or organization that buys greige fabrics and sells them as a finished product to cutters, wholesalers, retailers, and others. The converter arranges for the finishing of the fabric.
A person or a company which buys grey goods and sells them as finished fabrics. A converter organizes and manages the process of finishing the fabric to a buyers' specifications, particularly the bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc.
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a Theta Gen V with balaced inputs
Converts MAPPs and Expression Datasets between different versions of GenMAPP and different Gene Databases.
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a Wavelength tube masterpiece
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See Catalytic Converter.
a transformer
A device for transforming electricity to a desired quality and quantity.
The operator of a facility licensed to receive, store and transform U3O8 into another chemical form suitable for subsequent processing.
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A part that fits in place of an ink cartridge, allowing a modern pen to be filled from a bottle or inkwell.
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A dense material, such as lead or tungsten, used to convert a gamma ray into an electron- positron pair.
a critical component in superior quality digital playback
a critical part of any studio today
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Refractory lined vessel for refining (converting) pig iron into steel.
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a small, hard-to-find chip buried deep within the component's "guts
a four-stage linear-phase interpolation filter
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See Inverter.
A function or set of functions used to convert text entries on the resource panel to numeric resource values. Needed for certain types of user-defined widgets.
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a realistic solution for most users
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a four-story sealed tank (called masses)
an independent sub-board installed directly through the rear panel
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an adapter that can help
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a Free to try program
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One who converts; one who makes converts.