Definitions for "Vanadium"
A rare element of the nitrogen-phosphorus group, found combined, in vanadates, in certain minerals, and reduced as an infusible, grayish-white metallic powder. It is intermediate between the metals and the non-metals, having both basic and acid properties. Symbol V (or Vd, rarely). Atomic weight 50.94 (C12=12.000).
Pure vanadium is a greyish silvery metal, and is soft and ductile. It has good corrosion resistance to alkalis, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and salt waters. Used as an alloy for the making of steel.
a soft silvery white toxic metallic element used in steel alloys; it occurs in several complex minerals including carnotite and vanadinite
Currently there is no specific MCL for vanadium. Vanadium may cause respiratory problems and inhibition of Na and K in ATP production.
Vanadium is an ultra-trace mineral believed to help blood sugar metabolism and glycogen synthesis. Whole grains, seafood, meat, vegetables.
Trace element which, though not fully established, may have a beneficial effect on African Violets.
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