Definitions for "Pearlite"
Lamellar aggregate (alternate plates) of ferrite and cementite in the microstructure of iron and steel.
A distinctive two-phase lamellar structure in steel consisting of thin platelets of iron carbide (Fe3C) in a ferrite (essentially, Fe) matrix. The fine pearlitic structure (small grain size) allows maximum drawability and strengthening in steel wire, and is responsible for the mechanical properties of unhardened steel.
A microstructural constituent of steel. It is a mixture of ferrite and cementite which normally exists in lamellar form and results from the eutectoidal transformation of cooling of austenite.
A glassy volcanic rock of a grayish color and pearly luster, often having a spherulitic concretionary structure due to the curved cracks produced by contraction in cooling. See Illust. under Perlitic.