Definitions for "Titanium"
An elementary substance found combined in the minerals manaccanite, rutile, sphene, etc., and isolated as an infusible iron-gray amorphous powder, having a metallic luster. It burns when heated in the air. Symbol Ti. Atomic weight 48.1.
A metallic element resembling iron, characterised by it's strength, lightness and corrosion resistance.
A metallic element (Ti, no. 22 on the periodic table) found in ilmenite, sphene, rutile, and increasingly in bicycle frames and components. To continue this largely Chamber's Dictionary definition: strong, light, corrosion resistant, and almost but not quite as expensive as Gore-Tex (Gt, no. 79 1/2 on the same table).
An advanced model of NVIDIA's GeForce family of graphics cards, providing good performance at a lower price.
an oxide used as a white pigment of great permanence and covering power. Usually extended with other whites to improve its brushing and drying properties.
Pyrotechnic chemical that produces a brilliant white flash.
(Ti) Trace element which, though not fully established, may have a beneficial effect on African Violets.