Definitions for "Brilliant"
Sparkling with luster; glittering; very bright; as, a brilliant star.
Describes clear, unclouded wines.
having striking color; "bright greens"; "brilliant tapestries"; "a bird with vivid plumage"
Untoned. Without tarnish or oxidation, and with original cartwheel (i.e. frosty) or prooflike lustre. A copper coin is usually referred to as brilliant if it has full original red. A silver, nickel or gold coin is usually described as brilliant if it has no toning or oxidation (although it may have some spots or light toning hues about the periphery), and its original lustre is more or less intact.
A coin with full luster, unimpeded by toning, or impeded only by extremely light toning.
Untoned. With no tarnish or oxidation, and with original cartwheel (frosty) or prooflike lustre. Copper coins are considered brilliant if they have full original red.
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A diamond or other gem of the finest cut, formed into faces and facets, so as to reflect and refract the light, by which it is rendered more brilliant. It has at the middle, or top, a principal face, called the table, which is surrounded by a number of sloping facets forming a bizet; below, it has a small face or collet, parallel to the table, connected with the girdle by a pavilion of elongated facets. It is thus distinguished from the rose diamond, which is entirely covered with facets on the surface, and is flat below.
Symmetrical cut with a round girdle outline featuring 56 facets.
Cut is the common style of diamond cutting. The standard brilliant cut consists of 32 facets plus a table above the girdle and 24 facets plus a culet below the girdle. Other shapes besides round can be faceted as brilliant cuts, including oval, radiant, pear or heart.
Distinguished by qualities which excite admiration; splendid; shining; as, brilliant talents.
Exceedingly intelligent, or of distinguished accomplishment in a field; -- as, a brilliant chemist.
shining brightly; vivid as in colors
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Brilliant were a British pop/rock group active in the 1980s. Although not commercially successful and mauled by the critics, they remain notable because of the personnel involved - Jimmy Cauty, later to find fame and fortune as one half of The KLF; June Montana, who later provided vocals for a KLF spin-off project, Disco 2000; Martin Glover aka Youth, formerly of Killing Joke and subsequently a top producer/remixer; and (prior to the band signing with WEA) Ben Watkins aka Juno Reactor. Equally notable was their management (David Balfe), their record company A&R manager (Bill Drummond, the other member of The KLF), and production team (Stock Aitken Waterman).
Brilliant is an upcoming film directed by Barry Levinson. Shooting for the film will begin in September 2006, with a projected release date in Fall 2007. Lead Scarlett Johansson plays the role of a seasoned jewel thief who joins forces with a conman to pull off the biggest heist in history
of surpassing excellence; "a brilliant performance"; "a superb actor"
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The smallest size of type used in England printing.
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A kind of cotton goods, figured on the weaving.