Definitions for "Iridescence"
Exhibition of colors like those of the rainbow, especially a surface reflection which changes color with the angle at which the object is viewed; the quality or state of being iridescent; a prismatic play of color; as, the iridescence of mother-of-pearl. It is due to interference of light waves reflected from the front and back surfaces of a thin layer transpatrent or semitransparent film.
Birds with iridescence have feathers with special properties which reflect different colors of light. Different angles of light striking the feathers may produce colors like purple, green, bronze, blue, and more. Many blackbirds, including the Common Grackle, possess iridescent plumage.
refers to the optical effect whereby prismatic colours, similar to the ones seen on oil films, can be seen. Iridescence is the play of lustrous colours, which may be like those of the rainbow or a subtle combination of colours such as pink, blue, green, and silver.
Iridescence is a hovercraft simulation with graphics in the spirit of the playstation game, frequency, and with some harkening back to spectre and bzflag.
Spraying a shiny metallic finish onto hot glass.
Thin laminated flakes of glass showing decomposition with age. Also artificial, as done by Tiffany.
Also called strain pattern or Q-lines. It is a pattern in heat treated glass not normally visible except under certain lighting conditions. It is especially visible with the use of a polarized lens. Iridescence is an inherent characteristic of heat treated glass.
the visual property of something having a milky brightness