Definitions for "VISUAL "
That can be seen; visible.
A visual type represents a way of interpreting the pixel values of a colormap.
a combination of depth, display class, and a description of how the pixel values result in a color on the screen
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Of or pertaining to sight; used in sight; serving as the instrument of seeing; as, the visual nerve.
The sense of seeing. (See “Representational Systems.”)
In product placement terms, relating to vision or sight of a product or brand. Able or intended to be seen by the eyes, especially as opposed to being registered by one of the other senses.
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VISUAL is a collection of programs to allow a computer running Linux to interface with programmable controllers, exchange data with them, log data, run HMI screens, and control a machine from a local computer or over an intranet. The live state of the machinery can be viewed in any browser using Java applets.
VISUAL is a program package for creating and running HMI and SCADA or process visualization applications under LINUX. It enables you to control/operate a/many PLC controlled machine through a computer
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able to be seen; "be sure of it; give me the ocular proof"- Shakespeare; "a visual presentation"; "a visual image"
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having to do with that which can be seen (vs. heard)
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a low-level graphical object that serves as the foundation of many useful graphical components
a specific configuration of the graphics hardware of the video card
Any graphic representation such as a chart, picture, diagram, graph, etc.
Pertaining to the portion of a television signal which conveys video information
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a data structure describing the display format a display device supports
a zone that changes its display to reflect various things
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a very powerful tool to get concepts across
Basic A programming language from Microsoft that speeds up the process of developing windowing software for Microsoft systems.