Definitions for "Visualization"
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the process of creating images using computers, also called "rendering" when applied to landscape or architectural material, instead of abstract scientific data; an image or images so produced
Complex analysis tool that presents CFD data as an image. The image can exhibit surface pressure contours. This example shows fluid flow around complex geometries, using the Nordic ski jumper as the model.
in the creation of advertising, the process of putting together all elements of the advertising into one's mind to form a concept or picture of what the advertising should say and how it should appear; also called conceptualization.
The graphic representation of data, patterns within data, or knowledge based on analysis of data patterns.
Creating a visual representation of something that is static to enable the information to be better understood.
A technique used to illustrate information objects and their relationships on a display. Strategic visualization graphically illustrates the strength of relationships by the proximity of objects on the display. Advanced technology can make a significant difference in users' ability to interface to large knowledge repositories. These advances use the distance between objects on the display to reflect the similarity of meaning, similarity of content or other relationships (such as association with a group).
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Portal The Visualization Portal was created to enhance and highlight research projects being done at UCLA and to be a meeting place where people on campus can come to learn about new information technologies. Part of Academic Technology Services.
Technology that allows the surgeon to have a better view of the surgical site or anatomy. More about Coronary Artery Disease .
The presentation of results in a format other than just numbers with a display that may include graphs, and charts making copious use of colors and figures.
The production of two and three dimensional pictures or graphs of the numerical results of computations.
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A feature or plug-in in a software audio player that renders shapes and colors in sync with the music.
Colorful animations that move while music plays. An option in both iTunes and Windows Media Center.
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a composition of one or more mappings, with each mapping made up of one or more rules