Definitions for "Visualisation"
Formation in the mind of theĀ  image of an abstract concept. Visualisation derives, in this context, from the graphic representation of variables associated to the concept that one wants to follow. For instance, a plot of the fever vs. time allows us to visualize the evolution of the illness. Fever (temperature) and time are the variables. Illness is the concept.
The practice of imagining a place, person, thing, or event with unusual clarity and intensity. Often it is done in a ritual context and reinforced by repetition.
Concentrating or imagining something very strongly as a visual image. The act of visualising.
computer simulation, photomontage or other technique to illustrate the appearance of a proposed development.
graphical presentation of information, often dependent on categorisation or clustering techniques to bring out patterns in the information.
Keywords:  sync, music, picture, renders, colours
A feature or plug-in in a software audio player that renders shapes and colours in sync with the music.
an animated picture that moves about in time to the music
the ability to picture and assess a position, as might arise in analysis of a possible variation; a common source of error
Creative act of 'seeing' or conceiving the finished project to look when it is finished and printed.