Definitions for "Complex"
Wine rich in sensorial subtleties, well harmonised and made from a grape variety that gives a complete and expressive bouquet.
A term used to describe wines that express layers of nuance and character.Complexity is the foundation of every fine wine.
Characteristic of very fine teas whose nose and taste give the impression of a subtle melange of flavors.
Composed of two or more parts; composite; not simple; as, a complex being; a complex idea.
The name given by Jung to autonomous or semi-autonomous psychic structures within the personal unconscious that compete with the ego for psychic energy.
An understanding of complexes is important part of the approach of C.G. Jung.
Involving many parts; complicated; intricate.
Assemblage of related things; collection; complication.
an interrelated cluster of ucs
A species made up of a metal ion center bonded to a number of ligand species.
a molecular entity formed by loose association involving two or more component molecular entities (ionic or uncharged), or the corresponding chemical species. The bonding between the components is normally weaker than in a covalent bond.Complexation is the formation of this complex.
Assembly of molecules that are held together by noncovalent bonds. Protein complexes perform most cell functions.
a chromatin-acetylating transcription coactivator that interacts with pre-mRNA splicing and DNA damage-binding factors in vivo
a multifunctional coactivator that regulates transcription by RNA polymerase II
a plexin implies a unified scheme for the mechanism of semaphorin action
A complex is two or more individual incidents located in the same general proximity, which are assigned to a single IC or UC to facilitate management.
Two or more individual incidents located in the same general area which are assigned to a single incident commander or unified command.
There are underground rules that people, both legit and criminal live by. (please see black boards). It is unlawful for anyone to sell a child. The sale of any unauthorized person is automatic termination. Often times, some colony areas have an old law. Mothers are the only ones who can have their child desexed. Fathers are the only ones who can sell their sons to complexes, illegally. Colony is unable to enforce a proper law against this for the sole reason that the System is not designed to recognize any sort of abuse. If the System falls, colony's defenses are down, so local people usually overthrow Complexes. Complexes are usually kept in imp territory, for safety purposes and for protect against colony officials and E's (E's cannot remain around imps for long generally). Another reasons Complexes slip through the cracks, those who can usually afford it, are those that are usually in power. Complexes were totally destroyed once imps allied with colony and colony was able to surf imp wastelands. But even illegally if a child was to be sold, it would be the father to do it.
Containing multiple macromolecules in an organized structure. For example, the RecBCD proteins form a complex that functions as an exonuclease and this activity requires all three of the proteins to function together.
a fundamental step in the elongation cycle of protein synthesis
an active process requiring host proteins
a whole structure (as a building) made up of interconnected or related structures
a whole consisting of parts knitted together
a whole that comprehe
One or more treatment beams directed into a specific area but with the addition of wedge filters, moving fields, compensation for tissue or geometric inhomogeneities, bolus, special blocking procedures, mantle fields, tangential fields, etc.
a unique development of ten holiday houses overlooking the beach at Costa with a panoramic view of the sea and mountains
a triply infinite system of linesfor instance, the tangent lines of a surface
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"Complex" is a song by British musician Gary Numan. A recording of it appeared on his 1979 album The Pleasure Principle, and was also released as a single in the UK, where it was a top 10 hit.
an architectural success, blending the urban necessity of public space - almost nonexistent in LA - with the populist requirements of public education into a campus of buildings that are open and symbolically accessible to LA's highly diverse public
used here to reference an integrated mosaic of natural communities and/or aquatic features.
a synergistic blend of ingredients designed to be an integral part of the Pharmanex Weight Management Program
( composite) transposon A transposon flanked by two complete, independently transposable insertion sequences.
a condo, condominium, apartment, group of townhouses or a walled/gated community
In real estate, a group of buildings, site improvements, and support facilities designed to carry out related activities in a single location; e.g., apartment complex, office complex.
an excellent representation of the form of the enzyme that occurs at the moment in the catalytic cycle when the tetrahedral intermediate is formed
a collection of buildings closely packed togethernormally with a perimeter wall or fence surrounding them
A term designating a mixture of vitamins, Minerals, herbs, or other nutrients. Examples include vitamin B complex, liver (lipotropic) complex, and amino acid complex.
Submitted By The Authors The complexity of a system is defined by the comlexity of the model necessary to effectively predict the behavior of the system
Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration.
The sum, combination, or collection of various things or related factors.
a combination of several things, for example anatomical structures that occur together, or signs and symptoms that occur together in a disease
the combination of antigen and antibody.
term used to describe a complex mixture of igneous and/or metamorphic rocks.
a term used to describe all the buildings that make up a strata corporation
Seven separate prison facilities located in Northern Virginia that house Department of Corrections prisoners.
a sensitive marker for lupus-like disease brought on by many drugs
a collection of K vectors in a parameter space Theta
a set of simplexes that is closed under containment
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A wetland polygon composed of more than one map component at a scale too fine to map at 1:25,000.
a series of barbell exercises performed one after the other without rest
group of two or more waves clearly distinguished from background activity and occurring with a well-recognized form or recurring with consistent form.
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a group personality formed from (usually) about a dozen semi-independent personalities , all within the same real body
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an exciting matter
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a lodging house with two rooms for rent
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a real part and an imaginary part
a set of sets closed for the inclusion and the intersection
a compound described in terms of the central atom to which other atoms are bound or coordinated
Not simple. Not atomic. Structured.
Electrical work in explosive environments
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a self contained unit
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a group of separate fires in one area
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See Project Complexity. [D02500