Definitions for "Subconscious"
Partially conscious; feebly conscious.
that part of our mind which is the seat of imagination, emotion, artistic abilities (and other skills), and which takes care of numerous functions without our conscious awareness, such as automatic functions of our organs, etc.
The portion of one's personality having to do with memory, habits, and is the vehicle of psychic ability. The subconscious is not able to make decisions, since it relies on habits, and has no moral dictates. Moral decisions and judgments are up to the egoic self, the conscious you. The subconscious is much older than the incarnated you of this life. In that context, the subconscious is like an older sister for a woman, like an older brother to a man. In each life, you retain the same subconscious. Likes and dislikes, fears as well as abilities of talent and understanding are actually subconscious traits. It is well to name your subconscious. Much talk in current society about the subconscious. Considerable illusion with this, as psychology has limited insight to the actual workings of subconscious energy. It is much like playing cards, lacking the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks. The esoteric person develops a comprehensive view and understanding of subconscious activity.
Occurring without the possibility or the fact of an attendant consciousness; -- said of states of the soul.
just below the level of consciousness
That part of the personality which dwells below the surface of waking consciousness and which controls automatic human functions. It is subliminally affected by all information taken in by our senses, and is conditioned or programmed by rewards, punishments, and messages (such as positive or negative affirmations) that subtly affect our internal belief system of our worthiness and self-esteem.
Subconscious is a [heavy metal] band formed in 1999. Their sound combines elements of [thrash metal] and [Scandinavian death metal] with Newschool-HC. They released their debut in early 2000, recorded in Berlin at Kugelphone Studio by Micha Buchal.
(Unihipili) Memory bank; computer; Child.
This term is often used to refer to the Unconscious but is not identical to it.