Definitions for "Repression"
unconsciously forgetting that which we do not want to remember.
(see also textbook glossary) Freud's theory that memories for unpleasant events are preserved, but prevented from entering conscious awareness.
the process by which emotionally threatening experiences are banished from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind. (288)
The process by which the synthesis of an enzyme is inhibited by the presence of an external substance, the repressor.
The condition of an inactive gene. Lack of activity (transcription) due to presence of repressor.
A form of gene regulation wherein the promoter is prevented from assembling an RNA polymerase complex, so that transcription does not occur.
in politics, refers to crushing of dissent, crackdown on a rebellion, or similar, as in writers and intellectuals fought against government repression.
The target areas in the EU's fight against crime are trafficking in drugs and human beings, sexual exploitation of women and children, stolen vehicles, money laundering, financial crime and cybercrime. (See Organised crime: Crime prevention, Police: Crime prevention network)
"Repression" is an episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, the fourth episode of the seventh (and final) season of the series.
a state of forcible subjugation; "the long repression of Christian sects"
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The act of repressing, or state of being repressed; as, the repression of evil and evil doers.
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the act of repressing; control by holding down; "his goal was the repression of insolence"
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That which represses; check; restraint.
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(See "Reserve.")