Definitions for "Sublimation"
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That which is sublimed; the product of a purifying process.
The process by which a solid turns directly into gas, because it cannot exist as a liquid at a certain pressure.
The conversion of a material from a solid phase directly to a vapor phase, without passing through the liquid phase. This is referred to as the primary drying stage.
a defence mechanism in which energy from an urge that the person sees as unacceptable is redirected into socially acceptable behavior.
Defence mechanism entailing the conversion of sexual or aggressive impulses into socially valued behaviours, especially creative activity.
An example of a psychological defense mechanism whereby an instinctive urge is satisfied not directly but by being transferred into a socially acceptable form, as when erotic desires are themselves denied but converted into aesthetic form. The word's origins (from the Latin sublimare) denote raising something base or ordinary into something sublime.
The act of heightening or improving; exaltation; elevation; purification.
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The act or process of subliming, or the state or result of being sublimed.