Definitions for "nonvolatile"
not readily evaporated. Opposite of volatile.
Refers to memory that is saved when power is lost or turned off. See also volatile.
substance which has a high boiling point, strong intermolecular forces, and a low vapor pressure at room temperature. (see volatile)
Keywords:  spintronic, nve, mram, opto, retain
Refers to a memory device which does not lose its data when power is removed from the system.
A memory that retains data even when power is removed. MRAM is inherently nonvolatile. Optical Coupler (also "opto-coupler") A conventional coupler which uses the combination of a light-emitting diode and photo detector to transmit information. NVE couplers are faster and denser than optical couplers, and unlike optical couplers which wear out, spintronic couplers last indefinitely.
Refers to a kind of RAM that is stable and can hold data as long as electricity is powering the memory.