Definitions for "FRAM"
A type of random-access memory (RAM) that consists of tiny ferrite rings, which can be magnetized by electric pulses to indicate a binary "1" bit. See RAM.
Ferroelectric Memory; a recently designednonvolatile memory technology; pioneered by Ramtron Int. Corp., ColoradoSprings, Colorado. FRAM has several advantages over 'flash memory'; amongthem are faster reprogramming speeds, less power, and a single 3-V powersupply. But, unlike 'flash cells', reading FRAM cells, is destructive,so that the data must be rewritten into the cell every time it is read.
(also called Fe-RAM) A non-volatile memory technology (i.e., it does not lose its data if the power is shut off). FRAM can read data thousands of times faster at far lower voltage than other non-volatile memory devices. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) A packet-based 2.5G (in comparison to 3G) telecommunication technology. GPRS supports exchange rates up to 114 Kbps, allowing wireless Internet and other multimedia services. See Broadband, UMTS, EDGE.
Fram is one of the major brands of aftermarket automotive oil filters in the United States. Developed by the Bendix Corporation, it is now sold by Honeywell. It is noted for its copyrighted bright orange color, and for its famous marketing slogan, "You can pay me now, or pay me later," which is usually presented as being uttered in its advertising by an auto mechanic, who is explaining to his customer that he can either pay a small sum now for the replacement of oil and filter or a far larger sum later for the replacement of the vehicle's engine.
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Fram is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth, and was a lord or King of the Éothéod.
Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernisation
Acronym for Fine Resolution Antarctic Model.