Definitions for "HMA"
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high memory area. In an IBM-compatible compter, the first 64K of extended memory above the 1 MB limit of 8086 and 8088 addresses. Programs that conform to the extended memory specification can use this memory as an extension of conventional memory although only one program can use or control HMA at a time; DOS, Microsoft Windows, or an application. If you load DOS into the HMA, you can recover approximately 50K of conventional memory for use by your applications.
high memory area. The 64K of memory between 1024K and 1088K. You can use memory managers to load programs into the HMA. Only one program at a time can use the HMA. See also conventional memory, expanded memory (EMS), extended memory, extended memory blocks, memory manager, upper memory blocks (UMBs).
high memory area] The first 64 KB of extended memory above 1 MB. A memory manager that conforms to the XMS can make the HMA a direct extension of conventional memory. See also upper memory area and XMM.
Hot Mix Asphalt. This is the final product produced at an HMA facility which is a mixture of asphalt cement and aggregates, up to the maximum proportions listed above.
Hot Mix Asphalt. High quality, thoroughly controlled hot mixture of asphalt binder (cement) and well-graded, high-quality aggregate, which can be compacted into a uniform dense mass.
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Her Majesty's Ambassador
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igh emory rea ( MS-DOS installed on a 286 PC or higher)
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home maintenance allowance