Definitions for "Maintenance"
Those actions required for the care of machinery, a building, etc., to keep it clean and in proper functioning condition, and to prevent or forestall damage due to normal use.
A condition in which the body is maintained without an increase or decrease in body weight and with no production or work being done.
Repair service, including periodic inspections and tests, required to keep the fire alarm system and its component parts in an operative condition at all times, together with replacement of the system or its components when they become undependable or inoperable for any reason.
The act of maintaining; sustenance; support; defense; vindication.
That which maintains or supports; means of sustenance; supply of necessaries and conveniences.
Payments, such as child support or alimony, to a dependent child not living with one or to a divorced wife.
Living expenses while attending a college or university, including room (living quarters), board (meals), books, clothing, laundry, local transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.
The monthly stipend provided by your contract to cover living expenses during your program.
Refers to the expenses of attending a university, including room (living quarters) and board (meals), books, clothing, laundry, local transportation, and incidentals.
Maintenance, also referred to as "minimum maintenance" or "maintenance requirement",...
Cash and/or securities deposited in a brokerage account to fulfill the margin requirements of the brokerage and NASD. see also house maintenance requirement, health maintenance organization, remargining.
The minimum equity required to be kept in a margin account. Current NASD/ NYSE maintenance requirements are 25% for a long position and 30% for a short position.
An officious or unlawful intermeddling in a cause depending between others, by assisting either party with money or means to carry it on. See Champerty.
Unlawful intervening or meddling in an action before a court to assist either party by money, or other means, to carry the case to a successful conclusion, possibly to share in the advantage of winning the case; usually linked with champerty. (Hogue, Arthur R. Origins of the Common Law, 256)
A legally enforceable payment made to assist in the cost of bringing up a dependent
The implementation of changes in the technical infrastructure that can result from such things as errors in the application software, necessary extension of the functionality, or technical developments in the area of hardware and basic software.
this activity is concerned with correcting errors or defects in a product. It is intended to correct the problem and make the product operate according to specifications. In most organizations, this represents approximately 5% to 10% of the systems development work effort. (See Modification/Improvement).
One of the CTI capabilities in the TSAPI Library, which software developers can write into their TSAPI-compliant applications.
Monthly charges paid by the owner or tenant of a cooperative building for that person's share of costs of keeping the common-use portions of the building in good condition. This includes the daily cost to operate the building and it is calculated based on each individual unit.
In property parlance, the keeping of a building, structure or other physical feature in a specified condition eg. wind and weather tight conditions. The approved cost of maintenance may be deductible for income taxation.
This refers to the amount of monthly charges paid by an individual cooperative owner called a shareholder to the cooperative as their proportionate share of the expenses of the building. Maintenance is comprised of four components: 1) The daily cost to run and operate the building; 2) The shareholders proportionate share of the building's underlying mortgage and 3) the shareholders proportionate share of the building's local real estate taxes 4) Other expenses necessary to support the building as determined by the cooperative's governing documents and/or the board of directors.
Maintenance is a software package, which allows one to simplify administration tasks on UNIX-like systems. Using Maintenance MAKE-based scripting language, users can maintain his/her files in order; automate and schedule administration tasks; and more.
is the activity involved in maintaining something in good working order. May include replacement of signifcant portions of the item(s) being maintained.
Maintain your loan by keeping your loans up to date. Not having your loans current at the end of every month will put your account in arrears.
Work proactively done to prevent unexpected pump breakdown.
The work you must do to keep your home in good condition.
Websites become dated quicker than you might think. Without regular maintenance, sites can begin to look old and unused. Since the web is an immediate medium, visitors to your website will expect it to be updated frequently. Even if all you do is move things around a bit on the homepage of your site, you should keep your content fresh and working with regular site maintenance. See thewebtailor's guide to maintenance for more information.
Campus Maintenance fixes what is broken and keeps running what is not broken. If you have leaks, squeaks, breaks, graffiti, and strange noises coming from closets and rooftops, Campus Maintenance will respond to your problems.
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The patient is given a prescription for an amount of buprenorphine (determined during the stabilization phase of treatment) and monitored by the physician on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the patient's needs.
Part of a leukemia protocol for treating ALL. It follows the intensive induction and consolidation phases and helps destroy any remaining cancer cells.
The phase of treatment when the person is taking a stable dose and working with a physician or counselor to address other issues affecting his/her dependence and ability to rebuild his/her life. | Close window
A stage of behaviour change, in which a dependent user actively tries to remain abstinent.
an active process mediated by Long Osk
The set of activities which result in changes to the originally accepted baseline product set, in order to keep the system functioning in an evolving, expanding user and operational environment.
means the maintenance of the Cemetery as defined under Care.
The care and procedures necessary to keep a battery in usable condition, such as reconditioning and water addition to electrolyte of a vented cell.
Maintenance of the property is considered a recurring carrying cost. It includes all monthly utilities, lawn care, snow removal, etc.
Feed needed by an animal to keep a constant body condition. Extra feed energy is then used for production such as meat, milk, wool, eggs, Nutritionists thus talk about maintenance and production.
Activities that keep capital assets in a workable condition and allow their useful lives to be met.
Stage in production cycle when the ewe neither gains nor loses weight or condition.
See upgrade protection.
An activity performed to improve some aspect of your site. Examples include site updates, responding to user feedback, upgrading technologies, adding new technologies or features, and improving the architecture or usability of the site as it changes and grows.
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a breeze with filter monitor lights that conveniently signal the need for HEPA and pre-filter changes through the easily accessible front panel
system development phase that involves planned review of a system to keep it running appropriately, with adjustments made as new needs occur.
All systems will necessitate some form of maintenance, varying from just emptying from tanks the residual sludge's in simple systems, to considerably more involved maintenance of the system and process in more complicated plants.
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Admin Overview
Involves four tasks done annually or more often as needed: cleaning drainage, clearing blowdowns, brushing, and marking.
Compliance with long-term treatment and aftercare, including rehabilitation.
Trent prepares a maintenance manual for every project which recommends inspection frequency and maintenance procedures.
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continuing on a long-term basis, as in "maintenance therapy" or "rehab maintenance
the learning stage concerned with retention and accurate recall.
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store - warehouse
The standard of performance involving an Independent Marketing Associate that is required for that Independent Marketing Associate to continue being “Paid As” a particular rank after meeting the initial qualification requirements for that rank.
The process of altering program code or instructions to meet new or changing requirements.
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Alternately spelled [email protected]!nt*n!ce. Looking after your bike so it will look after you.
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a very big deal
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About our website maintenace
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means of maintenance of a family or group
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See periodical payments.