Definitions for "Bobby"
A nickname for a British policeman; -- from Sir Robert Peel, who remodeled the police force. See Peeler.
n. 1. Policeman in the UK. The term came from Robert Peel, the "inventor" of the policeman. See also Copper BOB'S YOUR UNCLE phrase. 1. Everything is complete. There is no more to be done. ( See our phrases page)
an informal term for a British policeman
A utility developed by CAST and now available from Watchfire. Bobby tests web pages against disability access standards including WAI-AAA and SECTION 508. Error reports provide assistance in eliminating accessibility barriers.
A discontinued website accessibility assessment tool designed to locate and identify certain accessibility problems within web pages, so that a web developer could repair those problems. It analyzed web pages and checked for those accessibility problems that can be checked for automatically. It was a good first pass for checking your web pages for accessibility.
Internet Tool to make web pages accessible to all members of the community.
Bobby, released in 1973, is a popular Bollywood film directed by Raj Kapoor. The film is a story about the love between two Bombay teenagers of different classes, the son of a rich businessman, Raj Nath (Rishi Kapoor), and Bobby Braganza (Dimple Kapadia), the daughter of a poor Christian fisherman. The couple must fight against both sets of parents who don't agree with their relationship.
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a former UC Davis basketball point guard who was a sports junkie growing up in Santa Cruz, CA
A bowl deliberately played short of the jack so that the normal path to the jack is blocked from an opponent's point of view. The idea being to force the opponent to play with the other bias so as to find another way in to the jack or to guard against a 'firing' shot.
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( see WebXact)
a soldier in the Soprano organisation
a self-contained breakfast about half the size of a regulation pasty
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a support pillow that has a dual function