Definitions for "Navigation "
Navigation implements a design pattern that allows you to navigate through complex systems by means of "navigation chains". Each node in the navigation chain is represented as its own object, and can have any number of child links attached to it .
moving about in a digital collection
The process of going from one location to another within a Web Site and from one Web Site to another.
The act of navigating; the act of passing on water in ships or other vessels; the state of being navigable.
The science or art of conducting ships or vessels from one place to another, including, more especially, the method of determining a ship's position, course, distance passed over, etc., on the surface of the globe, by the principles of geometry and astronomy.
Ships in general.
The process of transforming image coordinates (lines and elements) to earth coordinates (latitude and longitude) and vice versa.
the practice of using geometry, astronomy, and radio signals to track the position of a spacecraft relative to Earth, the stars, and its target in space
The process of calculating the earth coordinates (latitude and longitude) of remotely sensed data. Navigation requires an accurate knowledge of the position of the satellite in its orbit, the orientation of the satellite, and the scanning geometry of the instrument sensors.
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the process of working out your position and accurately following a route.
Animal moves about using external cues to determine its position relative to a goal, see Homing, Kinesis, Orientation, Piloting, Taxis
spatial framework for marine or airborne survey data. Positional information is derived using one or more systems such as Syledis or GPS. In addition to absolute positioning, relative positioning is essential for computing the Eötvös correction in gravity processing. back
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A waterway that has been made navigable by the construction of artificial channels and locks.
Method of transporting commodities via waterways; usually refers to transportation on regulated waterways via a system of dams and locks.
a river rendered navigable by the use of weir s and locks
The management of sails, rudder, etc.; the mechanics of traveling by water; seamanship.
Travel over water.
Use of water specifically for the maintenance of navigation for commerce or trade. Excludes water used for recreational boat travel.
An activity, based on a mechanism provided by an active perceivable unit, by which a user can alter their focus of attention. If the new focus of attention is in a different perceivable unit, that unit becomes an active perceivable unit. One common form of this kind of mechanism is the link, a region within an active perceivable unit which can be activated by a suitable user action.
Refers to the shifting of keyboard focus from one view to another.
The movement of input focus from one user interface component to another via the mouse or the keyboard. Navigation by itself doesn't result in activation of a component or selection of an object. See also activation, keyboard focus, select.
the act of using the computer's mouse to complete tasks such as opening applications, saving files, etc.
Term used to indicate the path or steps necessary to access and accomplish a task in PeopleSoft. For example, the navigation to complete a budget transfer is: Commitment Control Maintain Budgets Budget Journals Enter Budget Transfer
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Navigation , Expressions Net Tonnage Expressions
Movement within and between a software application's work areas.
The practice or art of directing the movement of a craft from one point to another. Navigation usually implies the presence of a human, a navigator, aboard the craft. Compare guidance.
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the work of a sailor
The tabs, text and graphic hyperlinks that always let prospects know both where they are and where they can go. Navigation elements must always be available and obvious. Well-designed navigation will lead the prospect in the intended direction.
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A software framework to navigate complex systems, with proof of concept for html node navigation. See the home page for more info.
The way to identify the current location, available target locations, and the path to follow from a current location to a target location within an information space.
the process of locating data for name resolution from among multiple name servers
Going around, from one location to another አሰሳ View
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Accessing the features of a DVD-Video disc.
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purposeful motion through virtual space
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The system of access to files on the Internet.
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