Definitions for "Concept"
An abstract general conception; a notion; a universal.
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) informal term for the abstractions "in the world" that ontologies describe
See Idea.
an organizing principle that subsumes a variety of intuitions and refers the intuition as intuitions of objects
a special unary predicate that denotes a set, as with Eagle and Number
a subset of all perceptions
a Dutch company, Inter IKEA Systems BV
a Dutchcompany, Inter IKEA Systems BV
A mental image of anything; can be used as the basis for grouping y common features or similar criteria.
A mental construct that frames a set of examples sharing common attributes. Concepts may be very broad such as “change,” system,” or interdependence.” They may also be more topic specific, such as “organism,” habitat,” or “government.
the mental representation of a process or object. Every entry in the ontology is a concept.
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a bold statement and a clear indication of the path that Lexus' global design will follow in the near future
a vision closely aligned with the company's Formula One commitment to achieving superiority among its rivals in speed lexus body kit, quickness lexus body kit, agility and reliability
a description of a type, including functions signatures, preconditions, postconditions, invariants, and member types
a set of requirements (valid expressions, associated types, semantic invariants, complexity guarantees, etc
a class or group of items which share a unique combination of critical attributes not shared by other groups, and can be referred to by the same generic name or symbol
a common feature or characteristic
a general property that we judge different particular objects to share
n. suffix A combining form for creating terms that mean "agent": spokesconcept, gentleconcept, chairconcept. It avoids the existence-centrism of -being.
a great initiative
an early planning stage in the development of a research initiative (a program announcement, request for applications, or request for proposals)
a new international research initiative to consolidate all scientific efforts under NASCO guidance, and to concentrate on finding the problems of salmon mortality at sea
a long long way away from a working developed and deployable weapons system, sorry if that disturbs anyone's German war-winning fantasies
an outgrowth of ballistic missile defense research and exploits particular IR bands to detect the launch and impact of battlefield weapons (provided enough energy is released)
a constituent of thought that is apt for being the content of a judgment or a belief
a product looking for reality
Used as meaning an opinion or belief about Being; an interpretation or language having neither substance nor reality; not the Being itself.
a different grouping of people, a different outfit, a different set of toys or props, or a different location
a set of requirements on some type
a set of requirements that a type (or a set of related types) must fulfill to be used correctly in generic algorithms
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a brawny vehicle true to its "Built Ford Tough" heritage
a statement that will be true about the final product
a true discussion of context and the way all those disciplines interact
a more realistic way of meeting today's business service needs
a realistic vision of the sports-coupe future
a scaled-down version of the original vision
an ordered pair of sets of documents consisting of exemplars (of relevant documents) and counter exemplars (a set of non-relevant documents that are as similar as possible to the relevant documents)
The period of time in the software development cycle during which the user needs are described and evaluated through documentation (for example, statement of needs, advance planning report, project initiation memo, feasibility studies, system definition, documentation, regulations, procedures, or policies relevant to the project).
This is the first phase in the life of a MovieStock. Typically, they are drawn from whispers and rumors about a "new" project. These are pitches which are not, or is no longer, in active development. Dead concept projects may cash out at H$0.
a powerful and profound tool to build and strengthen the soul and self-esteem in children
a self-help approach to revitalizing business districts
an application of Fick's laws of permeability as they are extended to include flow of charged particles in bioelectric fields
conceptual graph connectionism consciousness
a special styling package availabe on Volkswagen cars
a unit of 'culture'
(or construct). Any entity (usually a word or phrase), that is a key element in statements about information-gathering and that serves as an orientation point or an element of explanation in data-gathering or analysis. (Community, culture, outreach, addiction, decision-making, and sharing are all concepts.)
an excellent solution to many challenges that confront the CLEC industry today
a terribly flawed method of delivering worker assistance
a convex region of a multidimensional space
a being of reason
a string that represents the high-level reason for the NPC's speech attempt
Observation and experimentation are the basis of scientific reasoning
a description of the form, function, and features of a product and is usually accompanied by a set of specifications, an analysis of competitive products, and an economic justification of the project
A clearly written depiction of a new product, including its features and customer benefits.
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a good example of why I moved to Vermont
Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
a series of compelling headlines and a few email marketing sales letters that go together and are targeted towards a certain segment of the internet population - our target market
a bit of comprehension that possesses universal characteristics that are not bound by time and space
a theoretical expression of this universal
Matter and energy in the universe are governed by physical laws.
a model for bird conservation
a model of agriculture that links farmers and consumers directly
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an essential and logically necessary aspect of the theory of natural selection
It is the logical or pre-logical structure that regulates beings with real or virtual life. It is also defined as the driver of complex systems.
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a product of the mind
a toy your mind can play with
a mandatory medical savings scheme in which individuals will put a certain percentage of their monthly income into a personal account during working years, the savings accrued will be used to assist them in paying for medical services after retirement
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a potential -- or candidate -- fact
a consequence of a more market oriented strategy by IBM
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a one stop convenient shop , that serves all of your Mailing and Production needs
a meaning of the kind that people can share as opposed to a meaning of the kind that people cannot share, and, being a meaning, is capable of being expressed by different formulations
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a provision for optimal intake
a unique Internet based interactive value-added services web site that meets the direct needs of the global academic and investment community
The different concepts of politeness cause some communication problem between Japanese and Westerners.
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a computer program or a fragment of a program
Simple and compound machines make work easier
Civilization is dependent upon both renewable and non-renewable resources.
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a group of words related by usage in the text
a term that you provide and t he Search Engine will search based on it as well as other related terms
Animals are classified according to various structures.
a structure that provides direction and imposes order
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a design that we propose as the best image for your project
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The cell is the basic unit of living things.
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a unique design
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a general plan.
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a list of properties
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a performance