Definitions for "Outreach"
To reach beyond.
The act of reaching out; an effort to build connections from one person or group to another; as, the Police Department insituted a community outreach program.
Programs designed to seek out older individuals in need of services and to refer them to the appropriate agencies. These programs often rely upon the reports of family, neighbors, and community workers who identify isolated or needy elderly. Title III of the Older Americans Act funds a variety or outreach programs for older persons.
The process of taking the Christian message to people who are not Christians, usually with the connotation of doing so through servant-evangelism-like activities. Source:
An activity for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and recruiting new people into the Assembly
The act of getting information about ACT UP, AIDS, or AIDS activism to people who do not have this information. Also a committee of ACT UP established for this purpose.
University Outreach is the department on campus that visits local area high schools answering questions regarding admission to Cal State Fullerton. Outreach is here to help you make informed decisions in your college selection process and provide information regarding our academic programs and admission to the university.
A Tribunal program to provide unrepresented applicants with assistance and information about Tribunal practices and procedures
a client database designed to be used by charitable organizations who provide financial and material assistance to their communities
Programs designed to increase the awareness of the general public and/or specific client groups concerning the facilities and services provided by an organization, or to increase their participation.
Outreach is an effort by an organization or group to connect its ideas or practices to the efforts of other organizations, groups, specific audiences or the general public. Unlike marketing, outreach does not inherently revolve around a product or strategies to increase market share. Typically non-profits, civic groups, and churches engage in outreach.
The extension of assistance or services to persons or groups not previously served.
The activity of disseminating information about early care and education such as CCR&R service information, child care locations, hours of operation, quality indicators, and other topics related to the child care field.
Identifying persons who are in need of services and altering them to the availability and location of services.
contacting individuals in a target population through person-to-person channels.