Definitions for "Community Development"
a process of identifying community leaders, organizing groups or building on existing groups and training these groups and individuals to assess their needs and resources; prioritizing a list of problems that can be addressed; planning a project or an activity; obtaining resources to implement the plan; taking action; and evaluating their impact using the lessons learned to begin the cycle again. Community development takes into account, and is influenced by, the external environment including macroeconomic and political realities and global trends.
the process of improving the social, economic and cultural conditions of a village or small town.
The terms community development and economic development are generally used to express a similar idea: that of community members working together to achieve long-term benefits for the community and an overall stronger sense of community.
a process of improving the quality of like for specific elements of the community for the benefit of the entire community
Refers to the process of facilitating the community's awareness of the factors and forces that affect its health and quality of life, and ultimately helping to empower the community with the skills needed to take control over and improve those conditions. It involves helping communities to identify issues of concern and facilitating their efforts to bring about change in these areas (Hawe, Degeling and Hall, 1990).
Activities that increase the positive outcomes possible within a community by linking individuals and organizations working toward common ends.
Actions or activities that result in increased connections and positives outcomes for the entire community.