Definitions for "Stakeholders"
Individuals who have a vested interest in development, including community members; environmental, social, and community NGOs; natural resource, planning, and government officials; hotel owners, tour operators, guides, transportation providers, and representatives from other related services in the private sector.
Any individuals, groups of people, institutions or firms that may have a relation-ship with the project/ programme are defined as stakeholders. They may – directly or indirectly, positively or negatively – affect or be affected by the process and the outcomes of projects or programmes. Usually, different sub-groups have to be considered.
Those people and services who may affect, be affected by or perceive themselves to be affected by a decision or activity.
the audience to whom the Action Plan is relevant.
The audiences at whom the design work is pitched.
Strategic profit model (SPM) Symmetrical
Actors such as governments, private sector entities, financial institutions, NGOs and research/education institutions, involved in a technology transfer process.
Person or entity holding grants, concessions, or any other type of value which would be affected by a particular action or policy.
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Stamp duty Standby letter of credit