Definitions for "consortium"
A group of individuals or companies formed to undertake an enterprise or activity...
In education, an agreement between schools that enables students who attend one school to attend class and use resources at another school.
Independent elements (people or firms) grouped together for a particular purpose e.g. banks to fund the channel tunnel.
Two or more organization which combine resources and risks for joint projects.
a group of two or more governmental entities that agree to form a partnership to provide law enforcement services to their constituent communities
a joint venture between NIDA, Cydentity, and Inames
a unique form of organization with idiosyncratic operations, organization, and governance issues that shape its success and there are advantages to be gained from exploring these issues and examining how consortia have dealt with them
An association between institutions based on similarities and/or common interests. See the links page for more information about Evergreen's involvement in particular consortia.
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An association that works together to solve a problem or to study an issue.
A regional planning entity established by many State grantees under Title lI of the CARE Act to plan and sometimes administer Title II services; an association of health care and support service providers that develops and delivers services for PLWHs under Title II of the CARE Act.[ ] [ ] [ B-C ] [ D-G ] [ H-L ] [ M-P ] [ Q-S ] [ T-Z
an association of companies for some definite purpose
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Institutional research network.
a large and important Scientific Computing Centre for public and private research in Italy
All the contractors participating in the project covered by the research core contract.(FR:Consortium, IT:Consorzio, DE:Konsortium )
a blog-based web portal whose goal is "Serving news, projects, and links for digital classicists everywhere" as said in their mission statement
is a closed set of organizations committed to reaching a goal. Consortium members have legal relationships as stated in consortium agreements.
A combination of firms and/or laboratories working toward mutually beneficial goals. The consortium usually consists of organizations that operate in collaboration according to a formally stated agreement.
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a buying club developed to obtain maximum purchasing power for its Members
At this point, your EGR will already have assembled the consortium that will drive your regional SSI effort. The SSI planning consortium can be comprised of WIB members, economic development officials, regional employers, business and industry associations, educational institutions, Chamber members, organized labor, and others deemed appropriate.
the loss of services an society of another
The relationship that one spouse is entitled to from another, including affection, sexual relations, company, and emotional aid.
The services of a spouse. Services include household tasks one spouse performs for another and/or in addition to sexual services. (Term is used in law suits for "loss of consortium" where one spouse loses the services of the other and can sue for damages. Available only in some states.)
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an open industry forum chartered to develop architectural specifications necessary to implement products that provide RDMA technology over TCP/IP
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The Consortium of Academic Stewards, above.
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Consortium banks Constant dollar plan
Constant Dollars
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See Syndicate.
an organization of geographically contiguous units of general local government that are acting as a single unit of general local government to meet threshold levels for the purposes of the HOME Program
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See Sub-Contract.