Definitions for "TMA"
Tower-Mounted Amplifier
Transcription Mediated Amplification. An amplification test for the detection of chlamydia. A process whereby a strand of RNA can be cloned (replicated) millions of times within a few hours.
transcription mediated amplification. a process that uses two enzymes, Reverse Transcriptase and RNA Polymerase, to produce billions of copies of RNA amplified target from the purified target nucleic acid
Transportation Management Area
Travel Management Alliance
Theatrical Management Association
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Tetramethyl ammonium
The term TMA initially referred to Trimetrogon Aerial photography. In recent years, however, SCAR missions have been flown using several different camera systems. Since the term TMA was so well understood by the SCAR community, it was decided to keep TMA as part of the photographic identification.
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TMA Three Mile Falls Dam Adult Fishways 465.005 TMA Dam Umatilla
refers to the Trade Marks Act which is currently in force today for registering Trademarks. It replaced the Unfair Competition Act (UCA). Application numbers go up from 100,000. The legislation was enacted on 19540701.
Tierce Maintenance Applicative
Terminal MoveAbility
terminal control area
Target Motion Analysis
Thermal Mechanical Analysis - Analysis of dimensional changes of a material as a function of temperature.
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Take my advice