Definitions for "congestion"
The level at which transportation system performance is no longer acceptable to the traveling public due to traffic interference.
A condition that occurs when insufficient transfer capacity is available to implement all of the preferred schedules for electricity transmission simultaneously.
The way in which response times and download speeds decline when many users are actively using a network.
The act of gathering into a heap or mass; accumulation.
Overfullness of the capillary and other blood vessels, etc., in any locality or organ (often producing other morbid symptoms); local hyperæmia, active or passive; as, arterial congestion; venous congestion; congestion of the lungs.
Accumulation of excess fluid in organs, such as the lungs.
Lipoxygenase Strontium
Lipoxygenase Steroid
Meningitis Thermoregulation
Lymphocytic Thermoregulation
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Microscopy Sublingual
Influenza Seroconversion
A charting term used to describe an area of sideways price movement. Such a range is thought to provide support or resistance to price action.
When prices trade at similar levels over a period, the chart becomes cluttered with business at these levels and is referred to as 'congested'. Congestion areas are often seen as providing support/resistance. They are the levels at which, rather than breaking into new ground, prices tend to bog down and become trapped.
A period of directionless trade within a range bound by support and resistance levels.
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Lesion Thyroxine
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Ligation Stomach
(1) A market situation in which shorts attempting to cover their positions are unable to find an adequate supply of contracts provided by longs willing to liquidate or by new sellers willing to enter the market, except at sharply higher prices; (2) in technical analysis, a period of time characterized by repetitious and limited price fluctuations.
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a common name for chronic orchalgia.
A technical analysis term for a series of trading sessions in which little or no price movement occurs.
CONGESTION will be displayed on an Ericsson digital telephone set when a "busy" condition is detected by the Ericsson system. A "busy" condition could occur: a. While a call is being initiated, b. After dialing the digits and a "busy" signal is heard and, c. During an established call.
Refers to trading activity which occurs between to visible boundaries. Often this area is tight or relatively narrow in terms of amplitude.
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As defined by Caltrans, reduced speeds of less than 35 miles per hour for longer than 15 minutes.
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At a minimum, congestion occurs any time data arrives at a router faster than that router is able to forward the data along. This causes the incoming data to be collected in the router's buffers where it must wait to be sent along to the next hop. This waiting increases the latency of the path. If a router's buffers become full, incoming data will be lost. This is the most common cause of packet loss.
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Ligament Systemic
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Volume status of green tobacco inventories.