Definitions for "Jabber "
Jabber is a new, open-source IM platform designed to be open, fast, and easy to use and extend. It works directly over the Internet, has distributed servers, utilizes an XML-based protocol, and has transparent compatibility with other IM systems .
To talk rapidly, indistinctly, or unintelligibly; to utter gibberish or nonsense; to chatter.
To utter rapidly or indistinctly; to gabble; as, to jabber French.
In local area networks, transmission by a data station beyond the time interval allowed by the protocol.
An error condition that occurs when an Ethernet network device transmits packets that are larger than the maximum allowable size.
An Ethernet data packet with more than 1518 bytes and a faulty Frame Check Sequence (FCS).
Jabber is a chatsystem. In many ways it resembles email. It's not intended for letters, but for chatting. Jabber is not a company and not a software program. Just like email is not a company or a software program. See Also XMPP.
Someone who prefers a quick insertion of their infusion site.