Definitions for "Insertion"
mutational event resulting in additional information being put into/added to a chromosome.
A chromosome abnormality in which a piece of DNA is incorporated into a gene and thereby disrupts the gene's normal function.
a mutation that occurs when an extra nucleotide is inserted into a gene sequence, causing a frame shift.
The condition or mode of being inserted or attached; as, the insertion of stamens in a calyx.
The point or part by which a muscle or tendon is attached to the part to be moved; -- in contradistinction to its origin.
the end of the muscle that is attached to the bone that moves.
actual placement of an ad in a document, as recorded by the ad server.
Placement of troops in the field normally by helicopter
A single placement of an ad in a publication. Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
The act of inserting; as, the insertion of scions in stocks; the insertion of words or passages in writings.
That which is set in or inserted, such as a word or passage in a composition, or a narrow strip of embroidered lace, muslin, or cambric; as, there were numerous insertions and corrections to the first draft.
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See sliplining.
an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.
General media term that refers to the item to be published (such as an advertisement) or broadcast (radio or television spot).
An advertisement in any of the print media.
a message (spoken or written) that is introduced or inserted; "with the help of his friend's interpolations his story was eventually told"; "with many insertions in the margins"
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a false landmark, i
Insertion is the process of inputting text into a buffer.
Insertion means copying text into the buffer, either from the keyboard or from some other place in Emacs.
the addition of one or more words in the oral reading of text; one of several types of oral reading errors commonly recorded in testing oral reading. See also mispronunciation; substitution.
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This niche consists of people inserting all sorts of objects into just about every hole in their body that is sexually related.
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Narrow piece of wood united by a fitting to a piece of greater dimensions to make it longer, wider, or to frame it
Lace, having two straight edges, used for inserting between the edges of two pieces of material.
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the act of putting one thing into another
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An ad in a print publication.