Definitions for "Trigger finger"
A condition in which either full extension of the affected finger is limited or is difficult because of narrowing of the tendons in the base of the tendon sheath
The partial or complete entrapment of a tendon within its sheath. Often the index, or trigger, finger is affected due to squeezing a tool that causes pressure on the palm of the hand while there is stretching and pulling upon the tendon. The tendon and its sheath become inflamed. When repeated over time, changes to the tendon and sheath make it difficult for the tendon to move smoothly along its course. A popping or crackling sound can often be heard when the finger is re-extended.
Tendons in the finger joints can swell due to overuse, "locking" the finger into a fixed position.
hypersensitive area or site in muscle or connective tissue; usually associated with myofascial pain syndromes.
a common problem that causes pain and catching