Definitions for "Stretching"
to lengthen your muscles. Stretching before and after physical activity reduces the risk of injury.
extending movement of limbs about joints.
A type of exercise program in which you assume exaggerated postures that stretch muscles, joints, and connective tissues, hold these positions for several seconds, relax and then repeat the postures. Regular stretching exercise promotes body flexibility.
Use of different body positions to extend various parts of the body, aimed at relieving tension and stress, and increase flexibility. See flexercise.
The process of putting tension at the end of the fabric to make it hang uniformly and taught along the line of fence between terminal posts.
The applying of tension to carpet during installation.
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Stretching is an effect created by bending the paper during printing in the enlarger, distorting the projection of the image.
"Refers to any enlargement of a piercing in order to wear thicker jewellery. Most commonly seen in stretched earlobes. Most piercings can be stretched either with an insertion taper or multiple rings and even layers of Teflon tape wrapped around a barbell or plug. Only fully healed piercings should be stretched and then only one gauge thicker each stretch. Cartilage piercings do not respond well to stretching but with time can be enlarged."
increasing the size of piercing to wear larger gauged jewelry
Blitting an image into a destination with different dimensions. This operation is supported directly by some hardware.
In extrusion: straightening an aluminum member by pulling. An average stretch increases the length by about one-half of one percent, and produces correspondingly a slight decrease in the cross-sectional dimensions, called stretch-down.
(v) A modification technique that changes the location of individual points or groups of connected points of an object. Stretching changes the geometry but not the topology of the polygon or face of the solid. If this technique is used on a 3-D solid, it is sometimes referred to as tweaking.
In resource scheduling it is possible to specify that an activity may be stretched if this results in an earlier scheduled finish date. This means that the specified duration may be increased, while the specified profile is reduced proportionally. [D01926] WST
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1. The process of securing mesh to a frame in screen-printing. 2. The stretching of vinyl face material over a flex-face sign cabinet.
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See 49 CFR 180.403.
The process of mounting the canvas onto the stretcher bar assembly. Typically, this process uses staples. In the earliest days of stretched canvas, copper nails were used.
Applying a mathematical transfer function to the pixel values in an array so that they are changed to better portray the image in terms of relative brightness levels. Often used synonymously with scaling.
The practice of the non-surgical restoration of the foreskin through longitudinal stretching over a considerable period of time.
The ability to alter the appearance of the screen to make it look as though it has been magnified in only one direction- -either horizontally or vertically.
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The method by which a wheel thrown form is shaped from the inside.
to be done only when you are first to cross the finish line tape - you are allowed to stretch your body as you break the tape, otherwise prohibited.
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The process during which a layer of rock or a region of crust becomes longer.
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stretching body or genitals for arousal.
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See contrast stretching and data stretching.
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