Definitions for "Relaxation"
The act or process of relaxing, or the state of being relaxed; as, relaxation of the muscles; relaxation of a law.
To become less formal or tense; to relieve from strain.
(physiology) the gradual lengthening of inactive muscle or muscle fibers
The Releasing Of Stresses In Textile Materials.
The loss of clamping force in a bolt which commonly occurs as a result of embedment. Can also be caused by gasket creep, differential temperature expansion or vibration loosening.
Rate of reduction of stress in a material due to creep. An alternate term is stress relaxation.
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a state of refreshing tranquility
(physics) the exponential return of a system to equilibrium after a disturbance
Relaxation treatment to soothe illnesses caused by civilisation as well as neurological and physical overtaxing.
Remission from attention and effort; indulgence in recreation, diversion, or amusement.
a method of solving simultaneous equations by guessing a solution and then reducing the errors that result by successive approximations until all the errors are less than some specified amount
The process of iteration to find a solution to a matrix equations. Typically this method is used, when a direct solution (matrix inversion) is not possible due to memory limitation or singularities.
return to lower energy state in atoms, ions or molecules accompanied by release of heat (non-radiative relaxation) or radiation (radiative relaxation - luminescence, emission).
a general aspect of thermotolerance
The self-adjustment of a molecular system to a new minimum free energy state after the perturbation of the system.
when you allow your body to go free and loose - when you're relaxed, your body can heal and you can use your psychic powers better
a relaxation of the standards according to regulations 4 and 5 - subject in most cases to the completion of improvement works - in emergencies or as a result of exceptional meteorological conditions or by reason of the nature and structure of the ground from which the supply emanates.
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The term used when a change of one of the rules of the Land Use Bylaw is being considered - a residential side yard smaller than four feet, for example.
Process in which an artificial neural network reaches a state of stable activations.
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the act of making less strict