Definitions for "Stable"
Durable; not subject to overthrow or change; firm; as, a stable foundation; a stable position.
Strictly speaking, a system is termed stable if no rearrangement of its parts can form a system of lower free energy. In practice, the term is used with an implicit proviso regarding the transformations to be considered. Hydrogen is not considered unstable merely because it is subject to nuclear fusion at extreme temperatures. A system is usually regarded as stable (more precisely, as kinetically stable) if its rate of transformation to a state of lower free energy is negligible (by some standard) under the ambient conditions. In nanomechanical systems, a structure can commonly be regarded as stable if it has an extremely low rate of transformations when subjected to its intended operating conditions.
Of an equilibrium, that the dynamic adjustment away from equilibrium converges to the equilibrium. Of an economic variable, not subject to large or erratic fluctuations.
Group of speakers or entertainers usually under agreement with a particular bureau or agency.
A group of wrestlers that are involved with each other. On a professional basis. Usually. Example: "The Boricuas are a stable without a cause."
Multiple wrestler's united to form a group.
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A house, shed, or building, for beasts to lodge and feed in; esp., a building or apartment with stalls, for horses; as, a horse stable; a cow stable.
To dwell or lodge in a stable; to dwell in an inclosed place; to kennel.
backstage area where horses and other animals are housed
Steady in purpose; constant; firm in resolution; not easily diverted from a purpose; not fickle or wavering; as, a man of stable character.
A substance that is not radioactive.
Not radioactive. Incapable of spontaneous change.
Ability to resist collapse and deformation; stability characteristic of a structure that is able to carry a realistic load without collapsing or deforming significantly
The most common interface commitment level in OpenSolaris (see Interface Taxonomy). Incompatible change to a Stable interface can only happen in a Major release of the product. Note that this usage is not the same as the common community usage of referring to Stable branches of a development tree. The Solaris `attributes(5)` manual page has information on all interface stability levels.
Able to resist forces that can cause material deformation or structural collapse.
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a bigger sign of wealth than a swimming pool and it seems to arouse stronger feelings
a small, dirty, smelly space, but if the light of a baby's face isn't enough to make it glow, then it seems to me we're looking for the wrong kind of glitz
Able to withstand normal environments without disintegrating.
Having a basin of attraction that is non-zero in size; an attractor that can withstand some form of perturbation.
The condition of a parcel of land or flowline which experiences no appreciable soil erosion or sedimentation and is thus, under current management, adequately protected from erosive agents. The term is also used to describe a soil conservation or hydraulic structure which is functioning effectively and is not adversely affected by erosive agents.
Firmly established; not easily moved, shaken, or overthrown; fixed; as, a stable government.
Capable of lasting without change; permanent; not easily destroyed or decomposed.
Position of the fragments that can be safely held in position in a plaster while the fracture is healing
Condition A character who was dying but who has stopped losing hit points and still has negative hit points is stable. The character is no longer dying, but is still unconscious. If the character has become stable because of aid from another character (such as a Heal check or magical healing), then the character no longer loses hit points. He has a 10% chance each hour of becoming conscious and disabled (even though his hit points are still negative). If the character became stable on his own and hasn't had help, he is still at risk of losing hit points. Each hour, he has a 10% chance of becoming conscious and disabled. Otherwise he loses 1 hit point.
So placed as to resist forces tending to cause motion; of such structure as to resist distortion or molecular or chemical disturbance; -- said of any body or substance.
A disc with flight characteristics that are straight when the disc is released flat. Over time,a well-used disc will tend to become understable.
A disc which tends to fly straight when thrown level.
(in Hosta) a plant that maintains its solid or variegated pattern when propagated by division.
A group of prostitutes managed by a pimp.
An onscreen group of performers working as a team.
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1. Okay, fine. 2. Affirmative.
showing little if any change; "a static population"
Cells that are capable of division when provoked but which show little mitotic activity under normal circumstances.
When wine is in a state in which it will not develop negative characteristics in the bottle, due, for example, to re-fermentation, premature browning or protein haze.
A snow slope which is well anchored and possesses sufficient internal strength so as not to be susceptible to avalanching.
Indicates that the average length of residency in a postcode is between 3 and 6 years.
resistant to change of position or condition; "a stable ladder"; "a stable peace"; "a stable relationship"; "stable prices"
Term used to describe normal detrusor function.
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a vital interest
Does not decay. A particle is stable if there exist no processes in which a particle disappears and in its place two or more different particles appear.
Air is stable if, when forced to move either upward or downward will return to its original level when the forcing is released.
A price or rate which changes only slowly. opposite of volatile.
Atoms are stable if their outer shell contains its maximum number of electrons. Classifying materials
A synonym for variation that is in a state of statistical control (or in statistical control). Variation due only to common causes.
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To fix; to establish.
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not taking part readily in chemical change
To put or keep in a stable.