Definitions for "volatile"
Capable of wasting away, or of easily passing into the aëriform state; subject to evaporation.
Fig.: Light-hearted; easily affected by circumstances; airy; lively; hence, changeable; fickle; as, a volatile temper.
readily evaporate
wine that tastes slightly vinegary because it has a high level of acetic acid. This is also referred to as volatile acidity.
A wine spoiled by the presence of acetic acid is said to be volatile, or to have volatile acidity. It is acceptable as a by-product of alcoholic fermentation but only up to a level of 600-800ppm.
refers to wines that taste slightly vinegary because of high levels of acetic acid; also referred to as volatile acidity.
Insures that, when accessing a variable with multiple threads, any cached copies of that variable in a separately-executing thread are updated with the original instance.
The quality of a value that changes unexpectedly. The compiler cannot trust that the value of a volatile variable remains constant over time, and therefore cannot perform certain optimizations. Declared explicitly by the programmer, or determined by the compiler.
a seldom-used keyword in C which has implementation-defined semantics but is usually taken to mean that a variable should not be placed in a register as it may be subject to side effects from hardware or signal handlers.
Refers to memory that is not saved when power is lost or turned off. See also nonvolatile.
Susceptible to loss; a way of saying that all the data disappears forever if the power fails.
Descriptive of a data storage device that loses its contents when power is lost (turned off).
likely to change rapidly and often.
Describes a market with large price fluctuations in either or both directions.
Tending to rapid and extreme fluctuations.
liable to lead to sudden change or violence; "an explosive issue"; "a volatile situation with troops and rioters eager for a confrontation"
Clause is Volatile if its constituent Propositions change frequently. As with register variables in C, the Truth Maintenance System may, if given a hint about a Clause's volatility, be able to represent it more efficiently.
Oil Plant constituent which has many beneficial effects on the body. It can also be distilled to produce essential oil
Predicate property. The clauses of a volatile predicate are not saved in saved-states.
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Passing through the air on wings, or by the buoyant force of the atmosphere; flying; having the power to fly.
A winged animal; wild fowl; game.
An immutable object is said to be volatile if it has components that cannot be modified by the programmer at the protocol level, but which may be modified internally by CLIM. Volatile objects reflect the internal state of CLIM.
Amount of solvent or liquid components in a coating.
Passing from a liquid into a gaseous state.
The solvent portion of a coating.
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tending to vary often or widely; "volatile stocks"; "volatile emotions"
When the market or security tends to vary often and wildly in prices, it is said to be volatile.
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Very easy to catch fire or explode.
Having a high degree of volatility; i.e. characterized by large price movements; for example, a high-flyer. opposite of stable.