Definitions for "Runtime"
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When a program is running, or executing, it is said to be in runtime. The term ...
The environment in which a user runs a Panther application. The runtime environment is different from the development environment in that the editors and repositories cannot be accessed.
a command that executes bytecode files produced by the linking phase of the jcc compiler
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a piece of code, written by the platform vendor that provides our code with a set of services
a piece of code, written by the platform vendor, which provides your code with a set of services
The code that sits on the device that reads in and acts on .opo and .app/.aif files.
The mode when the level is actually running and one can interact as a player within the world. - A build of the Unreal Engine, available for download on the UnrealEngine2Runtime page. Script - See Unreal Script
The part or component of a browser that actually runs a script. A good visualisation of this is a person standing behind a curtain. They cannot speak or hear your voice. You can only communicate using the JavaScript language which you write on slips of paper and slide under the curtain to them. The person on the otherside reads the slip, does some calculations and then passes another slip, containing answers, back under the curtain to you. This person is known as the "Runtime".
an extension of the architecture, so it is an appropriate level at which to make these decisions
For each application participating in a specific integration, Oracle9iAS InterConnect attaches one or more adapters to it. At runtime, the adapters retrieve the metadata from the repository to determine the format of messages, perform transformations between the various data formats, and route the messages to the appropriate queues in the Oracle9iAS InterConnect hub.
Object providing access to the set of modules, repositories, publishers, monitors, package types configured on a build cycle.
The behavior (in the server) or appearance (in a browser) of an object when the application runs.
When your custom made Citect application is running - controlling and supervising your processes and machinery.
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a standard part of the freely available
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runtime error
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See definition for common language runtime.