Definitions for "Script"
A collection of Unix commands, structured together as a program and stored as an executable file. The commands in a script are interpreted by the shell (normally sh) and treated as if they were entered in order by the user at the command line.
programming: A user-definable set of instructions for use by an application. Two common script systems are the HyperTalk programming language used by HyperCard and AppleScript for Apple events. Really a high-level programming language, but the term "programming" scares novices.
A set of shell commands in an executable file.
Type made in imitation of handwriting.
A particular type, or model, of handwriting. There were different categories of medieval script, often used for different purposes or types of text. An individual scribe may know several different scripts. See also: hand.
a term used for the constantly changing style of handwriting used in manuscripts that generally establishes a time period or location in which a manuscript was written; distinguished by majuscule (uppercase) and minuscule (lowercase) lettering; cursive (rapidly written) or formata (formal) and arguably falling into the following eras: Uncials 400-600; Insular minuscules 500-1000; Anglo-Saxon 600-1100; Carolingian minuscule 800-1200 Early Gothic ca. 1150; Late Gothic ca. 1400.
A written description of the video and audio that specifies the content of the production. It is the dialogue for the actors and the direction for the directors, camera operators, and editors.
A blueprint for the action, narrative and dialogue in a media product.
A written document containing (in modern times) all the dialogue and stage directions the writer thinks are necessary for a director and actors to create the play on the stage. In the time of Shakespeare and Marlowe scripts did not contain written stage directions as today. This means that any you see at the beginning of scenes, such as ‘Faustus sitting alone in his study’, have been added by modern editors to help us imagine the scene visually when we’re reading.
A writing; a written document.
Written characters; style of writing.
The graphic form of a writing system
(see also textbook glossary) A knowledge structure, similar to a schema, that describes the sequence in which events are expected to occur.
A sequence of steps to be executed by an Enterprise Server intelligent adapter.
a predetermined stereotyped sequence of actions that defines a well-known situation' (Schank and Abelson, 1977)
a collection of binds and aliases meant to perform as a package
a series of aliases (basically
a series of events sent to an application
If you are planning an outbound telemarketing campaign, most list owners require a sample (script) of what will be represented on the phone.
A standard process and list of information that telemarketers should stick to when communicating to your customers or prospects. Market Makers does not use scripts with our telemarketing staff, as we understand that every conversation should be adapted to the individual, and believe our telemarketers to be more than skilled enough to conduct your calling, while still communicating all of the information and questions you require for qualification.
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General remembered outline of a familiar, repeated event, used to guide behavior. (207)
a document that outlines every aural, visual, behavioral, and lingual element required to tell a story
a recipe that tells the software what to do
a lonely little item once the footage rolls in
The flow of a video module; a tool designed to help the editor to know which footage goes where and what narration will be used in the finished product.
a group of Lingo statements that performs a particular action
a group of statements, separated by semicolons
a set of Transact-SQL statements stored in a file
A form set up by the administrator to create something on an intranet that is used more than once, such as a conference.
a collection of customised settings for mIRC
a pre-set geometrical algorithm
an INF file that specifies the settings that Setup uses when installing the operating
an m-file without a function declaration at the top
an m-file without the function declaration at the top
an argument or parable, and the flawed ones are so much mental graffitti, at least, that argument is as good as any for keeping unfinished work to oneself
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script kiddie scrolling
SCRIPT is the acronym for the Scottish Centre for Research in Intellectual Property and Technologies, located at the School of Law in the University of Edinburgh. SCRIPT is also known as the AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. The Centre is funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.
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shutdown solver start bit SunSoft
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Defines a script 3.0 3.0 STF
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See Prologue.
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The dialog that will be used in the medium.
The script is a paper version or outline of your video. It contains dialog characters, plot, and can be broken down into parts called, scenes or acts. To see an example of a script click here. To print a blank script for future use click here.
a theatrical breakdown of your routine in verbal and physical parts
a verbal attack on a visual world
An original instrument or document.
a constantly evolving document," Willard explained
a minitheory and as such has all the properties that we are looking for
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That thing you refer to when the boss comes in and demands to know why nothing productive has been accomplished. It's important that the rotation of Script contents is maintained to minimize repetition.
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a Second Life inventory item that contains LSL code
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a tool that works for you, as much as a shovel that you might use to plant flowers in your garden
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See log-in script, logon script.
a small application that can be embedded in a Web page, allowing the Web page to create new windows, provide a search feature, or something of the kind. A script may require a plugin; scripts may not be supported by older browser versions.
Files that initiate routines like generating Web pages dynamically in response to user input.
Index Definition: Script Description: Inserts a script into the document. May appear any number of times in the HEAD or BODY of the document. If the src attribute is present the browser loads an external script.
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a scheme for runoff elections
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Textual data representing script.
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a DTD marked with mappings between elements and rows/columns in the database
The script Element
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a last-resort solution
(TT): We decide our life-plan, or "script" as it is called in Transactional analysis, in childhood, pp. 109-110.
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a skeletal format for a movie, play, or TV show
an organized chunk of information about something
a sound continuation for the ongoing modification (e
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a word or phrase
The words that a model must speak for a commercial.
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a great way to maintain focus
an easy way to do this
a generalization of a class of situations
a typical way in which actions are carried out or situations occur
a personal life plan which an individual decides early in life and is based upon his or her interpretation of the external and internal events which affect them
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Personal experience, with photos.
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See 'Java script'
an important aid to starting the conversation, as it often includes data that the client needs
Commonly used to refer to a test procedure specification, especially an automated one.
a collection of letter shapes and rules for putting letters together
a tree-like information structure designed to capture these properties
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See Job notes above
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List of ordered content.
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See application.
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