Definitions for "Validate"
To confirm; to render valid; to give legal force to.
To ensure that a ticket is legitimate. Validation ensures that the ticket was generated by the correct ticketing agent by testing the message authentication code (MAC) and that the IP address in the ticket is the same as the host IP address of the machine issuing the request. Contrast with authentication and authorization.
prove valid; show or confirm the validity of something
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The process of ensuring that a Web page and its corresponding HTML code conform to the latest standards outlined by the W3C organization.
To check a policy set for conditions that can cause problems if that policy set becomes the active policy set. For example, the validation process checks whether the policy set contains a default management class.
a check to assure a document conforms to the rules in a dtd. See also parse.
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is to a. declare or make legally valid; b. mark with an indication of official sanction; or, c. to establish the soundness of; corroborate.
determines billable status of a number
To test for particular types of file corruption of a database, table, or index.
The process of reviewing and testing a proposed technical process or procedure
To check that data input to a computer system is of an appropriate form type for processing and within acceptable boundaries.
(v.) To have an application verify that the contents of a text field are appropriate to the function.
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Command on the Edit menu used to validate a displayed record.