Definitions for "EXtensible Markup Language"
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A coding system that allows any type of information to be delivered across the World Wide Web in a structured manner. As a meta-language, it contains rules for constructing other markup languages and allows the creation of tags that expand the type and quantity of information that can be provided about data held in documents. It shares with HTML the common heritage of the SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) standard. However, unlike HTML, XML is truly general purpose. The World Wide Web Consortium completed XML in early 1998, and the standard has quickly gained industry-wide, multi-vendor acceptance.
The Extensible Markup Language (or XML) is a universal format for structured documents and data. The Jabber/XMPP protocols are 100% pure XML.
A method for creating data formats that can be shared on the World Wide Web.
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Ed. Tim Bray, et al. 4 February 2004.
A widely accepted method of sharing information over the Internet between computers with different operating system.
A widely accepted way of sharing information over the Internet in a way that computers can use, regardless of their operating system.
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real-time database