Definitions for "VoiceXML"
Keywords:  ivr, markup, dialog, multimodal, lucent
Voice Extensible Markup. Language draws on the Internet for voice application development and delivery, greatly simplifying these tasks and creating new opportunities. XML grammar was developed by the VoiceXML Forum. VoiceXML makes it possible to access Internet content by phone and to develop speech-based telephony applications. The forum was founded by AT&T, IBM, Lucent and Motorola and is now made up of several hundred corporate members. VoiceXML is well known by the IVR programmers, who have experience developing voice applications.
An emerging standard markup language that defines a common format for allowing access to web content via the phone. VoiceXML uses XML tags to represent call flows and dialog, and enables phone access, navigation, and content delivery from any website adhering to the standard. It also allows Web content to be delivered to wireless phone users, greatly expanding the audience for such services.
The Voice Extensible Markup Language standard enables voice input and audio output for voice response and multimodal applications.