Definitions for "ivr"
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(Interactive Voice Response) Method to interact with information using a variety of voice commands. IVR is especially useful in mobile to provide a way to have users interact with information from their mobile device. J, K, L J2ME
Interactive Voice Response. Links callers with information in databases. This technology allows callers to complete transactions or queries over the phone. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is fast replacing the DTMF method of activating IVR services and is one of the most important recent innovations in telephony-based self-service.
See Interactive Voice Response.
nteractive oice esponse: A method of purchasing ringtones, graphics and other digital media commonly used in Europe.
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Imagerie Vision et Robotique
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Infrared Visible Radiometer
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This is Dialogic IVR, CRM, Call Center, Fax Server, Email Server etc.
Automatic answering service for customers and agents who require information or services from Vodafone. Vodafone's IVR offering is known as 24 hour customer care service.
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Initiative for Vaccine Research
Joint ventures Key performance indicator
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