Definitions for "ESS"
EVOLUTIONARILY STABLE STRATEGY. A strategy that cannot be displaced by any other known strategy. Put another way, when its frequency is 1.0 other strategies cannot enter the population and in situations where it appears as a mutant, it increases to fixation. It is a static condition. ESS's can come in two general types -- pure and mixed.
Evolutionarily stable strategies. A heritable (commonly but by no means always behavioral) strategy which, if adopted by (expressed in) most members of a population, cannot be supplanted in evolution by an alternative (mutant) strategy.
Evolutionary Stable Strategy. In game theory and biology, a strategy that, when possessed by an entire population, results in an equilibrium such that mutation of the strategy can never result in an improvement for an individual. Always Defect is an ESS, while Always Cooperate is not.
Extended Service Set A set of two or more BSSes working together to form a single network.
Employee Self Service
Engineered Support Structures
Electronic Switching System. System using computer-like operations to switch telephone calls.
See Electronic Switching System.
Electronic Switching System; using computer-type equipment and operating at lightning speed, this system makes possible many additional services for customers.
abbr. Epworth sleepiness scale
Epworth Sleepiness Scale. A reliable scale used to assess daytime sleepiness and indicate the need to seek medical evaluation for sleep disorders. This is the same assessment tool used by sleep experts worldwide.
Environmental Stress Screening. Manufacturing stage in which all assemblies are subjected to abnormal stresses, with the aim of forcing all early failures to occur. Syn: reliability screening.
Environmental Screening and Scoping
Environmental Safety and Security
(Experiment Station Section) - members are the designated administrators of the experiment stations of all the states and territories.
Ref. Electrical Substation
Experiment Station Section of the BOAA
Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma. a uterine sarcoma arising in the endometrium. Usually diagnosed and treated within the gynaecology speciality. It accounts for less than 0.5% of uterine cancers.
Enterprise Solutions Specialist. An AppliedTheory salesperson responsible for selling e-Business solutions.
employer services specialist – an RSC staff person who provides job placement services to RSC consumers, working with employers and community programs to ensure that consumers achieve successful employment.
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exonic splicing silencer
Acronym Eastwood Skills Shop - Broxtowe College centre. Read more about 'ESS'...
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ESPN-Star Sports
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European Spallation Source
Effective Sample Size - The number of effectively independent draws from the posterior distribution that the Markov chain is equivalent to.
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Employee share scheme also referred to as an ESOP.
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ESS is a set of two or more networks that form a single subnetwork.
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See Infrastructure.
Education Standards Funding
Education Standard Spending
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Earth Sciences Sector