Definitions for "CTI"
Computers in Teaching Initiative, a major programme supporting higher education staff in using new technologies in teaching. The CTI programme ended in June 2000, and was replaced by the LTSN.
The linking of the computer in the ACD system to the computer which houses the company's database to permit faster and more efficient handling of calls. Screen pop is a function of CTI which can direct the data screen of the calling person's account to the terminal of the agent as the call is being routed there, saving the agent from having to identify the caller's account number, key it in, and wait for computer response. Also permits transfer of data screens to a second agent when a call is transferred and many other capabilities impossible with only one or the other system independently.
The technology automatically linking computers and PABX's. This enables companies to access computer held information on customers as soon as they call, which saves time as the employee is not searching for information and keeping the caller waiting
Centro de Terapia Intensiva
Centro de Tratamento Intensivo
Colour Transient Improvement.
Picture enhancement system to prevent for instance blue and red colour overlapping. This makes colour borders sharper and more clear.
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Comitato Termotecnico Italiano
Casino Transportation Inc.
Cellspacing border tr td Comverse Technology Inc
Cuerpo Técnico de Investigación, Technical Investigation Unit, investigators who work for the attorney general's office.
Charge Transfer Inefficiency, deviation of CTE from unity. Convenient because CTE is often very close to one.
Committee on Trade and Investment The Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) was established in 1993 as a result of a Declaration on a Trade and Investment Framework to increase economic activity and facilitate the flow of goods and services among member economies. This committee coordinates APEC's work on the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment.
Cost Transfer Invoice. A mechanism to move costs of services or supplies between budget entities at the University. A CTI is also used by non-proprietary fund budgets, such as departmental revenue or program income budgets, to record a sale. The Cost Transfer Invoice (CTI) Web page provides additional information. Also see internal sales document.
Caregiver Training Initiative
In the United States, cosmetics are regulated under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which is enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has abundant legal authority to regulate the safety of cosmetic products.
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Cooling Tower Institute.
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