Definitions for "inc "
Industry Numbering Committee
International Negotiables Consulting. A race-neutral organisation that specialises in vehicle wreck recovery, rapid transportation and secure banking services. Locker A permanent storage facility accessible only when a player is in town.
Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee. The body established to consider organization, procedural, and technical matters relating to implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
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Instituto Nacional de Cultura
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Short for Integrated Circuit. A miniature electronic device comprised of many electrical circuits sealed in a protective housing with contact prongs for connection into a circuit board.
a heterogeneous collection of groups united in their opposition to Saddam Hussein's government of Iraq; formed in 1992 it is comprised of Sunni and Shiite Arabs and Kurds who hope to build a new government
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Abbreviated, "Incoming". Used to alert the group when a puller is bringing a new target/enemy with him/her. Also used as a warning of impending danger. Submitted by: takhai || Last Updated: april 14th, 2004 || Comments (0)
An abbreviation for incoming.
"Incoming!" An announcement from a group member that an enemy is heading their way.
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diminutive of Incoming
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Incursion Quest
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incomplete; the grade you receive if you haven't turned in all your papers, completed your course work, or taken your final.
Incomplete 0.0 Withdrawal from a course after course drop deadline, without academic penalty excluded from the GPA withdrawal from University excluded from the GPA
Incomplete. The administrative symbol "INC" is recorded on the student's permanent record in special situations in which the student has not been able to complete a course due to circumstances beyond the student's control.
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Incubator Shaker
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Not found as cited
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Incoming; usually said when monsters are coming or being pulled.
Incoming; used when a target is moving towards you to attack.
Incoming. This means an attack is coming. It can mean an army or a Hero. Usage: "inc (then ping area where attack is coming from)" or "inc UP" (attack coming from north)
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Identify New Components. Describe each of the new system components in terms most comparable to prior system components and which are more likely to reflect cost differences (e.g., weight rather than colour). It is important that similar information can be found for the prior system components. FAA Life Cycle Cost Estimating Handbook Keyword(s): Identify New Components (INC)
International Narcotics Control
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increase knit
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The iPod Notifier a.k.a 'inc' is a command line tool that converts plain text file's into iPod notes. This as to convert a large text file into iPod notes.
Include File (various)
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Indian National Congress
Incorporated/Qualified/ Registered Creating a domestic entity or licensing a foreign entity and indicating the entity is current with its report filings
Incorporated — indicates that the entity is a corporation
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A Japanese measure of length equal to about two and one twelfth yards.
interface network controller
Intelligent Network Control
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variable [ value] Increments $variable by value. The default value is 1.
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incomplete, assignment not done in time
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Item Name Code
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Incorporated. See corporation.
Information Networking Computing