Definitions for "BIA"
BUSINESS IMPACT ANALYSIS. The process of analyzing all business functions and the effect that a specific disaster may have upon them. 1) Determining the type or scope of difficulty caused to an organization should a potential event identified by the risk analysis actually occur. The BIA should quantify, where possible, the loss impact from both a business interruption (number of days) and a financial standpoint. SIMILAR TERMS: Business Exposure Assessment, Risk Analysis
Business Improvement Area
An analysis of the costs (financial and nonfinancial) that would be incurred if a system or set of business processes failed to function properly. BIA is a required early step in the business continuity planning (BCP) process. Without this step, it is difficult to balance the cost of business continuity measures against potential losses. See BCP.
see Bureau Issues Association.
BioIndustry Association (UK) Trade association for innovative enterprises in the United Kingdomis bioscience sector, advocates biotech to audiences from patient groups to regional, national, and pan-European governments.
Bioindustries Association
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In Greek mythology, Bia (βία, "force") was the personification of force, daughter of Pallas and Styx. She was the sister of Nike, Cratos, and Zelus; she and her siblings were constant companions of Zeus. They achieved this honour after supporting Zeus in the war against the Titans along with their mother.
Board of Immigrant Appeals
Board of Immigration Appeals, Department of Justice
Borehole instrument assembly, commonly known as the Christmas tree.
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Bacterial inhibition assay
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Blue Ink Application. See Blue Ink Client.
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, a federal statute governing bankruptcy and insolvency in Canada, which is applicable to all provinces and territories.
Building Industry Authority; became part of the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) in 2004.
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Brick Institute of America.
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Bureau of Indian Affairs