Definitions for "ama"
Metabolic waste product which results from inadequate digestion of food.
Metabolic wastes, environmental toxins, and undigested remnants of food in body channels.
It is the toxins that enter the blood stream and are circulated in the whole body. Toxins or ama are produced in the body by the raw, undigested food products that become fetid. Retention of toxins in the blood results in toxemia. Almost every disease is a result of toxicity ormits crisis. Toxins are vital for prana (vital life energy), ojas (immunity), and tejas (cell metabolic energy). Read More
Ama org Agence Mondiale Anti-dopage
Academy of Model Aeronautics - charters model airplane clubs and is a sanctioning body for model airplane contests in the USA. They also provide insurance to clubs, individuals and site owners. Almost all clubs in the US require membership in the AMA. To learn more about the AMA and get information on joining, visit their site.
Academy of Model Aeronautics - the largest governing body in America for model aviation. Report this Word Added by: Mr.Extra 260
outboard hull of a trimaran
The outrigger floater of a Hawaiian outrigger canoe.
An ama is an outrigger on a proa or trimaran, used to provide stability.
Academic Multicultural Affairs IAPCHE International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education
American Electronics Association.
Association of Metropolitan Authorities
Advanced Modern Apprentice
Advanced Modern Apprenticeship
Advanced Measurement Approaches. One of three methods for quantifying capital required for operational risk under proposed Basel II capital rules. Banks using the Advanced Measurement Approaches must hold capital for operational risk based on a risk quantity generated by the bank's internal measurement procedures. The most common internal methods are self-assessments. See also self-assessment, Standardized Approach, Basic Indicator Approach and operations risk.
The name given to the young women who originally dove for the oysters
The diving girls in Japan who originally dove for the oysters: now a tourist attraction Aragonite
Appartment House Management and Administration We want to create a program which allows appartment owners to handle invoices etc to balance the account of side costs. Wrtitten in HTML, PHP and MySQL. It should generate automatically the side cost billi
automatic messaging accounting
Automatic Message Accounting; automatically records the data needed for billing customer-dialed long distance calls.
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Agencia Mundial Antidopaje
Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses
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Adaptive Management Areas. An Option 9 designation for certain lands in the National Forests. In the Umpqua NF, our AMA straddles the North Umpqua Ranger District of the UNF, and the Scott Resource Area of the BLM. Our AMA is in an area of hammered watersheds (lots of clear-cuts). The Option 9 definition of an AMA is: "Adaptive Management Areas are landscape units designated to encourage the development and testing of technical and social approaches to achieving desired ecological, economic, and other social objectives." In other words, the local community is supposed to have a greater say in what happens there, and its objective is to test other Option 9 land designations (such as matrix) as to the effect of allowable management activities on the ecosystem. Our AMA called "Little River AMA" is 91,800 acres, and is one of 10 AMA's in the range of the spotted owl. Each has their own emphasis. Ours is: "Development and testing of approaches to integration of intensive timber production with restoration and maintenance of high quality riparian habitat." We've all asked ourselves - How can we have 'intensive timber production' and 'high quality riparian habitat'
Agricultural Management Assistance (see our Grants page)
Adaptive Management Area. Stands or forest types that require similar management practices and are grouped as one unit for the purposes of silviculture management. Aire de gestion adaptée
( abbreviation) merican otorcycle ssociation.
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A son of Krsna and daughter of Nagnacit
antimitochondrial antibodies
Area Management Activity. An activity which is responsible for accomplishing standardization within a standardization area. It encompasses the functions of the following activity titles defined in DoD Manual 4120.3-M: Participating Activity, Adopting Activity, Principal Delegate, Military Coordinating Activity, and Preparing Activity.
Airworthiness Manual Advisory
Application migration aid. A CICS-provided program to assist with the conversion of Assembler and COBOL macro level programs to command level.
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Air Materiel Area
Absolute Measurement Accuracy
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Sweet. See Amakuchi.
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Acquired member assets.